MAKE-UP • Apr 03, 2022

The Perfect Finishing Touch With Mrs.Highbrow Makeup

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Makeup

To completely finish the look of your clients, Mrs. Highbrow has developed a collection of eyebrow makeup so that customers will leave the salon in tip-top shape, preferably with a product to take home as well.

The brow makeup by Mrs.Highbrow was developed when we were still an eyebrow salon in Amsterdam and our specialists knew exactly what they and their clients were missing: the perfect finishing touch. After years of popularity, this makeup is here to stay. Here's our favorites.

The Basics: Pro Powder Brow Pencil or Micro Liner

Pro Powder Brow Pencil

This best seller has a powdery texture that's not too dry and not too oily, making it easy to draw clean lines and shade the brows beautifully. Whether you want a soft shadow at the base (ombre effect) or a more bold brow, this brow pencil is an absolute must-have.
Colors: Blonde, Soft Brown, Dark Brown
Benefit: Powdery, full natural effect
Retail price: € 19 including VAT.

Mrs.Highbrow Pro Powder Brow Pencil


The ultra fine tip of this brow pencil makes it very easy to draw hairs and subtly fill in brows, and you can also fill brows in evenly, using the brush to blur the color a bit. It's available in two ashy shades that match every beauty.
Colors: Taupe, Ash Brown
Benefit: Thin tip
Retail price: €18 including VAT

Extra Accent With Dual Highlighter Pencil

Make a brow even more expressive by accentuating it with highlighter, like the Dual Brow Highlighting Pencil with a matte and a shiny side. With the matte side you create a clean line under the brow, and the shiny side applies  a nice bright highlight, like on the brow bone. Tip: the Mrs.Highbrow Highlighter Brush is super handy to apply and blend the highlighter.
Colors: 1 cool, 2 warm
Benefit: Glossy and matte side
Retail price: €20 including VAT

The Finishing Touch: Brow Soap or Gel

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Soap

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Soap is designed for fluffy, brushed-up brows. The formula has an instant thickening effect for 24/7 styled brows. Dampen the included brush or spoolie so that the soap becomes slightly runny. Brow Soap is also ideal for clients who have had a brow lamination that has already somewhat worn off to comb and hold the hair back in place.
Color: transparent
Benefit: holds 24/7
Retail price: €20 including VAT

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Styling Gel

The favorite of many brow stylists, Mrs.Highbrow Eyebrow Styling Gel keeps brows in shape all day long. With just a fine, small brush and transparent gel, you can use it on everyone. It's ideal for women who are on the fence about a Brow Lamination treatment, because this gel gives the same (temporary) effect.
Color: transparent
Benefit: small, fine brush
Retail price: €18 including VAT

Extra care: WonderBrow

Mrs.Highbrow Wonderbrow is the ultimate oil for stronger, fuller brows, with nourishing sweet almond oil, castor oil and argan oil. The oil absorbs quickly into the brow hairs & skin, leaving a wonderful scent. A must-have for anyone who cares about their eyebrows and wants to keep their brows as full and healthy as possible.
Color: transparent
Benefit: growth-promoting
Retail price: €17 including VAT

Wonderbrow oil mrs.Highbrow

Waterproof: Brow Pomade

With Mrs.Highbrow Brow Pomade you get that sleek powder brow effect, keeping the front side nice and light (ombre effect) and making the rest of the brow super sleek. Mrs.Highbrow Brow Pomade is available in three beautiful shades and comes in a luxurious glass jar. It's best applied with an angled brow brush.
Color: Blonde, Chocolate, Dark Brown
Benefit: long-lasting
Retail price: €20 including VAT

Mrs.Highbrow Eyebrow Pomade

Become an Official Retailer & Boost Your Sales

Imagine you have 12 customers a day, and half of them leave with one or more beautiful eyebrow products. This will quickly generate €120-€200 extra sales per day. Do you want to give every customer the most beautiful finish and boost your daily turnover? Then become an official reseller of Mrs.Highbrow makeup. You buy the makeup at wholesale price and sell it at the retail price. The only thing we require is a start order. Interested? Shoot an email to and ask for the conditions.