• Aug 11, 2020

New: Brow Soap

Full, luscious brows. We love it! And that's why Mrs. Highbrow launched Brow Soap. For an instant wow effect that lasts all day.

It is no secret that many makeup artists use brow soap for that oh-so-beloved catwalk look. Think of the famous American Nikki Makeup with her signature look: bushy brows, combined with shiny skin, freckles and glossy lips. The recipe for these brows? Brow Soap! And the name says it all: this miracle product is soap-based, supplemented with nourishing ingredients to ensure that your eyebrows and skin do not dry out.

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Soap has an instant thickening effect for 24/7 styled eyebrows. Use the spoolie for smaller brows, the brush for bushy brows. Mrs. Highbrow Brow Soap: € 14.90 ex VAT

This is how you use Brow Soap


This step is optional, depending on the eyebrows you’re starting with. If you have thin or sparse eyebrows, this one’s for you! Reach for an eyebrow pencil, like the Mrs.Highbrow Pro Powder Pencil, and create light, feathered strokes throughout any areas that need filling in. When you’re satisfied with the fullness of your brows, move onto the next step.


Choose for the spoolie if you have thinner, shorter brows, grab the brush in case of full, bushy eyebrows. Dampen it with a bit of water. To really amp up the hold of your soap brows, you can also dampen your spoolie or brush with a makeup setting spray or Mrs.Highbrow Rosewater Mist. Spritz onto your brush and move on to the next step before it dries.


Ready to reach for your soap? Gently run the dampened brush over the soap, going back and forth a few times to gather a bit of product. Keep in mind that less is more to start with, and you’re better off layering on more soap as you go. Try to focus on getting the product on your brows alone. If you get some on your foundation it can mix with the formula and cause it to get patchy or fade throughout the day. Applied a little too much? Hold the rod of the spoolie horizontally under the eyebrow and push it upwards, tightly over the brow and skin to remove the excess of brow soap.


It’s time to create the appearance of fluffy, full eyebrows. Use your spoolie or brush to brush up your eyebrows—then backcomb them back down again. Repeat this process to fluff and style your brows until you’re satisfied with their appearance. That’s it!

mrshighbrow-eyebrow-oilBrushed-up brows by @nikki_makeup. Bron: Instagram


Good to know 

You need quite long brow hairs for a good Soap Brow. You can't comb shorter hair upright, so using Brow Soap doesn't make much sense in that way. The perfect product for longer, full eyebrows is Mrs. Highbrow Wonderbrow. The ultimate oil for stronger, thicker eyebrows. Formulated with a blend of Organic Sweet Almond, Castor, Rosemary and Argan Oil. All used for their nourishing, strengthening and stimulating effect.

Wonderbrow Oil Mrs Highbrow serum volle brows


Shop Mrs.Highbrow Brow Soap for €14.90 ex. btw.