• May 20, 2019

New: Pink Wax


Welcome to our pink cloud. Because in addition to mother-of-pearl and golden wax pearls, we now also have pink wax. To ensure that your customers end up completely on a pink cloud and can only dream away with their perfect eyebrows. Read more about our latest addition here.

As you are used to from Mrs. Highbrow, the pink version, Pinky Pearls, is a hot film wax that absorbs the hair well and is at the same time soft and mild on the skin. Like the other wax pearls, it is not only suitable for hair removal on the face, but also for the rest of the body. At first glance, there doesn't seem to be any difference with the wax you are used to from Mrs. Highbrow. And that is why we will go into it a little more deeply.

Hot film wax, what is that again?

Unlike resins and hot wax, which remain soft and must be removed with a strip, hot film wax hardens. You apply this with a wooden spatula and you can simply remove it when it has hardened. The hairs are then automatically pulled.

Pink wax, what is the difference?

The pink wax contains titanium dioxide, a powdery substance that provides a velvety texture. This makes it easier to spread the wax and reduces the chance that the wax will adhere to the skin. This prevents irritations and redness. Titanium dioxide also helps to quickly reduce the temperature of the wax, so that it immediately feels comfortable for your customer.

If we compare the pink wax with the gold and mother-of-pearl wax pearls, the latter are a bit more flexible and therefore more suitable for full body waxing. That's because the pink wax is based on natural resin.

Pink wax is available in 750 gram bags, but also in 200 gram trial bags. Let's give it a try


Stap 1. Start with a clean state

Before you get started with the pink wax, it is important to clean the skin well. Only then can you prevent inflammation. The Get Set Pre Epilation Lotion from Mrs. Highbrow is a fresh spray that cleanses and soothes the skin.


Stap 2. Mrs.Highbrow's Wax Secret 

Waxing is even better if you first apply a thin layer of our Oil La La. This 100% natural oil is specially designed to be used under all Mrs. Highbrow wax. The panacea provides a protective layer on the skin, so that no wax remains and hairs are removed better. Apply a little bit of oil to well-cleansed skin. With too much oil, you can remove it with a cotton pad. It is very economical in use, because you only need a little bit at a time. In the meantime, you can prepare the wax in the heater.

Stap 3. Apply Wax 

Like the other waxes from Mrs. Highbrow, the pink wax is applied with a spatula. Strips are unnecessary. Use a narrow spatula for the eyebrows and a medium or large spatula when working on the upper lip and the rest of the face.

Stap 4. Remove Wax 

When the wax starts to solidify, a hard layer is formed on the skin. The hairs are therefore stuck in the wax. All you have to do now is peel off the wax.


Stap 5. Een tingling after-treatment 

Always end a treatment with an aftercare product. The Cool Down After Epilation Mousse is a perfect product for that. Just what the skin needs after a wax treatment. The mousse softens the skin and provides a tingling effect. Plus point one: hair stays away longer. Plus point two: the mousse contains no oil and inflamed hair follicles are prevented.

Benefits of waxing with Mrs.Highbrow at a glance

If you still have doubts about waxing, we will come and get them away from you.

• Hair removal has never been this easy

• Gentle on the skin, tough on the hair (practically every hair is removed)

• Wax not too hot anymore

• Only need a spatula and no strips

• A super luxurious appearance that is guaranteed to suit your salon