Lash Lift • Jul 19, 2022

New: Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy

lash lift shields soft easy mrs.Highbrow green

Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy are the latest sensation in the lash lift field, and for good reason. The lash lift shields are super flexible and make a lash lift even easier. They stay in place without Adhesive and are therefore easy to remove. Now also available at Mrs.Highbrow.

With the new Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy you can create the most beautiful lash lift. Of course, a good product and the right application time are a plus, but the success of the lift depends also on using the right shields, also called rods. The revolutionary Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy have everything needed to guarantee a successful lash lift.

The Benefits Of Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy

  • Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy are made of high quality silicone. This makes the shields super soft and flexible. The lashes form themselves to the shields. This provides a super even curl over the entire lash line.
  • Mrs.Highbrow shields have a unique shape and height. They are not round or flat like traditional rods, but they are flexible. In this way the Lash Lift Shield is suitable for every client.
  • You can use the Lash Lift shields without Adhesive. This makes them much easier to remove, which saves valuable time.
  • The Lash Lift Shields come in 4 different sizes, in one box. With 1 box you have the right size for each customer.
  • The light mint green color makes lashes very visible on the shields.

Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift Shields Green soft easy

4 Sizes Of Lash Lift Shields

The shields are available in 4 different sizes so they really fit every eye shape and lash length. One box contains the following sizes:

  • S - small: gives intense curl to even the smallest lashes.

  • M - medium: perfect for normal or shorter lashes.

  • L - large: for longer lashes, but also to medium lashes an extra intense curl.

  • XL - extra large: the size for extra long lashes.

Do you find it difficult to determine the right size? Because the shields are so soft and flexible, it is not absolutely necessary to pick exactly the right rod. The lashes are easily shaped to any size. This means you don't have to waste time trying to find the perfect size for your client. If you happen to pick a size bigger or smaller, no problem! The eyelashes are shaped perfectly to any size shield.

No Glue Required

For the Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy, you no longer need glue to attach them to the eyelid. As soon as the client lies down in your treatment chair, you place the shield on the eyelid. Because of the silicone structure the shield remains easily on the eyelid. So you can actually start the treatment right away. Saves hassle, glue, but especially time! You only need Adhesive to attach the lashes to shield.

What Our Ambassador Says

During the development of the Lash Lift Shields we asked Francien Vermeer of First Expression to test them for us. Francien was immediately super excited and has now added them as a standard part of her Lash Lift routine.

"These shields are super flexible and you don't need any glue, because the shield shapes to the eye. And of course they give a beautiful lift."

Lash Lift with Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy. By Francien Vermeer of First Expression

Online Course Lash Lift

In order to feel completely comfortable while performing a Lash Lift, it is of course important that you have sufficient knowledge. It's therefore advisable to follow a Lash Lift course. What is included in the course?

  • A Lash Elevation Lift Kit worth €119, with the Lash Elevation Starter Kit, 15x Eyepads, 50x spoolies, 50x applicators, 50x aftercare flyers and Lash tape. The course can also be ordered separately without the Kit.
  • Start whenever it suits you
  • Unlimited access to the online course
  • Handwritten certificate
  • Coaching from Mrs.Highbrow when needed

The course including the Lash Elevation Starter Kit can be ordered for €149.

The course without the Lash Elevation Starter Kit can be ordered for €69.

Please note that the Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy are not included in the starter kit or course. They can be ordered separately for €16.95.

Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift Shields Soft & Easy go in pairs of 4 (S, M, L, XL). Price: €16.95.