How to • May 02, 2020

Online Courses: Even More Educational



Our online courses are now even more educational. In addition to extensive theory, an online test and instruction video, you now also have a personal video meeting with our head of training. For all your pressing questions.

We offer a wide range of eyebrow course. At our beautiful academy on the outskirts of Amsterdam. But we also developed online courses. Especially now a great solution, so that you can work on your skills from your safe environment. And to save your precious time, which you will of course prefer to spend on your customers. Recently we have made our training even more attractive and personal. During an online training you get all theory and an instructional video, but now also a personal Q&A. What exactly does this mean? Via Zoom you can make video calls for an hour with head of training Francien. Ask her all your burning questions and get instant feedback. More convenient and personal than via email, because this way she can also show you things


First things first! Each course contains 5 to 8 chapters of theory. All the basic knowledge you need to know before you start a treatment. At the end of each chapter you will receive a short test of a number of questions. At the very end of the theory part there is an exam with multiple choice questions. To test yourself whether you have understood everything correctly. We advise you to write down all your questions. They can be clarified during the live Q&A.


With each training you watch a tutorial of about 15 minutes. This explains the treatment step by step.




After each course you get a certificate of participation. You will receive this together with the starter kit at home. Important to know for all our foreign students: because we are a Dutch company, the courses are not accredited in, for example, the UK. See the courses mainly as a method to improve yourself. Or to get acquainted with our henna or brow lamination, for example if you already work with other brand.



Practice makes perfect. After every course you have to to gain experience in order to make real progress. After all, you don't become a wax or henna specialist in one day. Questions will undoubtedly arise as you do so. That is why we are always ready to help you. We have extended this process to no less than 6 months. Ask us all your pressing questions via the app (to which you will be added) or just email your photos for feedback.


3 Different Courses

At this moment Mrs.Highbrow offers 3 different online courses. From the base to advanced.


1. Waxing & Tinting

The base! Here you learn everything about wax. What is it and how do you use it? We will tell you the eyebrow styling step-by-step plan and how to conduct an intake and follow-up. The course includes instruction video, Q&A and of course a certificate.

Price: € 209, including starter kit worth € 179. More info.


2. Henna Brows

An advanced training. So for the reasonably experienced eyebrow specialist. It is important that you first know the basics of how to make a beautiful brow using wax or thread. The course includes instructional video, Q&A and of course a certificate.

Price: € 209, including Dyotics Brow Henna starter kit worth € 179. More info.




3. Brow Lamination

For anyone who already has experience with brow styling, but would like to offer this extremely popular treatment. Including video chat with head of training Francien. And of course a certificate.

Price: € 135, including Brow Lamination starter kit worth € 105. Click here for more info



Why an online course at Mrs.Highbrow?

- Take advantage of our 10 years of brow experience

- Extensive theory developed by Mrs. Highbrow

- Learn all tips and tricks from home

- Step-by-step training videos

- Live Q&A with head of training Francien

- 6 months of coaching

- Follow at your time and at your own pace

- Including starter package and certificate

- The training can be done on computer and on cellphone

More questions?

Feel free to ask via Your message will usually be responded to within 2 working days.