BUSINESS • Apr 05, 2021

Hire staff. The pros and cons

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Good news! You are an independent brow or lash stylist and your salon runs smoothly. In fact, there is more work than you can handle with two hands. That's why you're thinking about expanding and hiring. But is that wise and will it help you advance? We list the pros and cons of hiring staff so that you can make the right decisions. 

The benefits of hiring staff

Hiring staff has quite a few advantages. After all, there is nothing better than working with people who share the same passion and help your company to grow. You have a higher turnover and less work pressure. You can work on a bigger mission, there is backup when you fail and there is a lot of fun. For example, drinks can be enjoyed after closing time on Thirsty Thursday and Friday afternoon drinks are a lot more fun. In addition, it is cheaper than hiring independent professionals.

The Disadvantages of Hiring Staff

Hiring staff does come with some responsibilities. For example, you are used to carrying out your treatments in a certain way and you have to invest time and money to train your staff internally (or externally). But even then you have to accept that everyone has their own touch and this will never be exactly the same as your work. In addition, you will do something you may never have done before: manage. For some entrepreneurs this is no problem at all, for others a special profession. Another disadvantage can be that you are tied to your staff for a while. And that you run a risk if your staff is absent due to illness. Whether it's a minor flu that makes you have to reschedule a number of appointments and miss daily turnover or a long-term illness.

The Right Contracts

Our advice? Don't let the fear of dropping out due to illness be a reason not to do it. Rather invest time in setting up the right contracts, so that you are within your rights when this occurs. And ask your accountant to take care of the payroll. This also applies to management. It's a skill, something you have to learn. But if you're open to learning, it doesn't have to be a disadvantage.


In addition to hiring salaried employees, you can think of deploying freelancers or on-call workers to serve all your customers. This costs you less risk and administrative hassle than hiring staff. For example, the collaboration can be terminated at any time and you do not have to pay out in the event of illness. The hourly rate is more expensive. Because a self-employed person, just like you, has to build up a pension, pay tax and bear more risk.

Chair Rental

Another alternative is to rent out a chair in your salon. Just like with hiring freelancers, you do not have to pay extra personnel costs with chair rental. How it works? You set the terms, because it's your business. It is attractive for the tenant because this browfessor is not responsible for her own business and the rental of a property, but is in a professional environment. This is an ideal addition when you have spare space in your salon and don't have the time to serve all your customers. In addition, a chair renter with work experience can bring their own clients who - once in your salon - get lost in the beautiful products you sell. Nice bonus! The rate you can ask for seat rental varies by country and city. Check what the average price is in your area or calculate your costs per m2. In addition to a daily rate, you can also think of asking for a percentage of the turnover or a combination of these, as long as it is beneficial for both parties.

Have you thought carefully about what suits you and what benefits you the most? If that comes down to hiring, don't forget that you need to register as an employer when you first hire someone. Good luck!