HOW TO • Mar 21, 2022

First Aid for Brow Accidents


Help... My henna brows turned out too dark! My lashes haven't curled properly! And what do you do if a brow lamination treatment didn't work correctly ? We've got the three most common brow & lash issues - with, of course, the solutions.

- By Desi van Dijk

My Henna Brows Came Out Too Dark

It can happen that your Henna Brow treatment turned out a little too dark for whatever reason. While it's very difficult to lighten the hairs, what you can do to fix it is to go over the eyebrows with a cotton ball with Dyōtics Tint Remover. By doing this, you're removing the color from the skin, making the appearance lighter overall! Unfortunately, the hairs themselves won't get lighter. Don't despair, the sooner are able to fix them, the better your chance is that you can lighten them! Just remember: it won't work to dye the brows with a lighter shade of henna.
Is a client really just absolutely devastated with the color? Then treat the eyebrows with a bleaching tint, like Refectocil Blonde, very carefully step by step. Apply some bleach to the eyebrows, leave on for a few minutes and remove, repeating as often as is necessary. But be careful! The eyebrows may turn reddish, so this is truly an emergency solution.
You can prevent all of this by starting lightly, especially if you don't know a client well yet. And, it's a good idea to take a good online training Course for Henna Brows if you haven't already! Did you know that we also offer a free course in color theory, including a digital certificate? Refresh your knowledge or start from scratch, this course is suited for all skill levels. 

My Lash Lift Isn't Curled Enough

Did you finish up your treatment and the lashes aren't curled enough? It's ok to perform the Lash Elevation treatment one more time! Just make sure you use a smaller size rod and the application time per lotion is now only 2 to 3 minutes max; you're not using the original application times because the lashes have already been treated. The lash lift lotions lighten the lashes, so if you've already dyed the lashes during the previous treatment, you should dye the lashes again using a product like Bronsun Black.


Oh No, My Lashes Over Curled!

On the flip side, if the lashes are too badly curled, you can repeat the Lash Lift treatment again with Lash Elevation. This time, use a larger rod instead of a smaller rod, and the soaking time per lotion is still only 2 to 3 minutes because the lashes have already had a treatment. For dyed lashes, the same applies: you have to dye them again if you had done so in the previous treatment.

Lash elevation lash lift mrs.highbrow

Lash Lift: Too Curled = Time To Relax

If the lashes look messy after a Lash Lift (this happens most often when you don't stick them neatly enough on the rods) and they just don't look healthy, the best thing to do is to "relax" the lashes. You can repeat the Lash Lift treatment briefly, but without lifting rods so that the curl goes away. Apply Step 1 with a micro brush and a generous amount to all lashes, and shape the lashes with a brush from root to tip until the hairs are straight. Remove step 1 and repeat the above steps with step 2. Afterwards, clean the lashes well and then apply step 3. Leave this step on for three minutes and then remove it with a damp cotton pad. After that's done, let the lashes rest for a couple of weeks before doing the treatment again. Want more tips & tricks on how to best do a Lash Lift and avoid and fix your problems? Then sign up for our Online Lash Lift Course and become a real pro!

My Brow Lamination Wasn't Successful

It can happen that a Brow Lamination treatment doesn't turn out the way you wanted. Don't panic! First, find out if this client is actually suitable for a brow lift. Thin or sparse brows, brow hairs that are too short or hairs that are very stiff or grow downward are actually not suitable for the treatment. Is it not related to the client's brows? Then you can check whether you have used enough glue and whether all the hairs have been brushed up well. Is this also in order? Then the most likely culprit is that the lotions weren't applied for long enough. We do not recommend it, but in exceptional cases you can repeat the treatment once. Please note that in this case, you must use a shorter application time for the lotions, because they are already treated.
It's possible that a customer comes back within a few days and says that her Brow Lamination is no longer visible! Remind her that it's necessary to brush the eyebrow hairs back into shape every day, and recommend Brow Soap for this. Would you like to become a reseller of Mrs.Highbrow Brow Soap and sell the products in your salon? Mail and ask for the conditions and starting orders!


How to deal with unhappy customers

Have you done everything to fix an unsatisfactory eyebrow or eyelash but your client remains dissatisfied? Then read our blog post 'How to deal with complaints'.