How to • May 06, 2020

Are you ready?


What a great news! Finally, after almost two months, salon doors can be opened wide again. Are you ready yet? We are happy to share how we prepare. Use it to your advantage!


Mouth-masks. Yes or no?

As you could hear during the press conference, face masks are not required. But we do recommend it. Not only for yourself, but also for your customers. To work as safely as possible. Leave the choice with your customers. And let them to take their own masks or scarfs, as medical mouth masks are scarce and expensive



Needless to say, but safety first. As soon as they enter, let customers clean their hands with disinfectant. Place a table next to the entrance with a bottle of disinfectant and tissues. Of course you clean this bottle regularly. You also clean after every customer: door handles, chair backs, the pin machine. Handy to do this with a barbicide spray. Currently not available, but just fill an empty bottle of glass sex with Barbicide concentrated and water. The ratio is 5% Barbicide to 1 liter of water. 

Only waxing

It's up to you, but at Mrs. Highbrow, we've decided not to offer threading for the time being. This is because our specialists all work with the mouth technique, and that is not possible if you wear a mouth mask. Do you master the neck technique? Then it's no problem to thread. By the way, don't be afraid to disappoint customers that you can't offer threading for a while. They won't judge you, as long as you give them beautiful brows!


1,5 metre distance

At Mrs.Highbrow we normally work with six specialists. We now work with a maximum of 4 brow queens, so one barber chair can remain free between each chair. This makes it unnecessary for us to work with partitions. Do you have a salon where you cannot keep a meter and a half distance between your customers? A plexiglass wall is the most beautiful solution, but it's also expensive. To save money you could also opt for a room divider. 

Good communication

Good communication with your customer is essential. Normally mainly about expectations regarding the treatment. Now also about the rules in your salon. Put them on your website or send them along with the confirmation of their appointment. Also handy to stick your rules on the door of your salon, as an extra reminder. What is useful to communicate? At Mrs. Highbrow we find the following important.

We are so happy to see you back! Off course we are closely following the advice of the RIVM. This will help us to create the most safe environment possible for you and our brow specialists. And we expect you to do the same.

What we do

• We don't shake hands

• Due to hygiene measures we only offer waxing, no threading.

• A maximum of 4 clients will be present in the salon at the same time

• There will be at least 1,5 meter distance between you and other clients

• We wash our hands even better than before

• Our brow queens wear mouth masks and gloves

• We use disposable towels and hand disinfectant between treatments

• We keep the salon spotless

• We talk as less as possible during the treatment

What we expect from you

• Please come alone. It is not allowed to bring a friend or child.

• Come right on time. Not early, not late.

• Hang up your coat yourself

• Use hand disinfectant after you entered the salon. You can find it on the table

• Not feeling well? Please reschedule your appointment at least 12 hours in advance. In that case, we will be happy to help you create a new appointment. Or use the cancellation link.

Don't worry

We wish you a lot of fun and success. It will take quite some time and you will probably make extra long days. Don't feel guilty that you can't help everyone in the first week. It is an exceptional situation, which everyone will have to understand.