• Jul 18, 2022

Quality For Your Customer with the Best Brow Makeup

Mrs. Highbrow Make-Up

You want only the best for your clients and we understand that at Mrs.Highbrow. That's why we've developed a collection of brow makeup to complete your client's look. And no matter how small the next product is, we give it a big stage. The spotlight is on: the sharpener!

- By Desi van Dijk

The sharpener is an important tool that is often forgotten. The Mrs.Highbrow sharpener sharpens all your pencils as sharp as possible. And this is very important when applying a nice clean line.

In addition, pencils last longer if you use a good sharpener. A blunt or poor sharpener can cause pencil tips to break, which means a pencil will run out quickly. Therefore, always advise customers who buy an eyebrow pencil from you to also purchase a pencil sharpener with it.

This 2-in-1 sharpener is made for all your Mrs.Highbrow pencils. The professional design helps maintain the optimal quality of brow makeup. Suitable for the Pro Powder Brow Pencil and Dual Highlighter Pencil.

Brow Makeup Bestsellers

Your client's brows will look even better when they are beautifully filled in with the right brow makeup product. Your client is basically buying the look. And this look she wants to keep as long as possible. It is therefore of great importance that you, as a specialist, show your client how to do this herself, with a pencil or pomade. Mrs.Highbrow offers various brow make-up products that allow you to fill in the eyebrows perfectly. The brow make-up products consist of several colors. From Blonde or Taupe to Dark Brown, because these are the colors that suit everyone.

  • Micro Liner. Because the tip of the Micro Liner is super fine, it is perfect and easy to draw hairs to subtly fill in the brows. The brush blurs the color slightly if you want to go for smooth. The Micro Liner is available in Taupe and Ash Brow to adorn any beauty.

  • Pro Powder Brow Pencil. This bestseller is a unique and high quality brow pencil. It creates a perfect ombre effect. The advantage is that the pencil has a powdery texture. This allows you to easily draw tight lines and color the eyebrows beautifully. The pencil is available in 3 colors: Blonde, Soft Brown and Dark Brown.

  • Pomade. With Mrs.Highbrow Brow Pomade you get that sleek powder brow effect, where the front keeps nice and light (ombre effect) and makes the rest of the brow super tight. You can apply the pomade with an Angled Brow Brush. Available in 3 different colors: Blonde, Chocolate and Dark Brown.

  • Pomade Definer. The sister of the regular Pomade. But with this definer you can fill in the bald spots just a little easier. You don't have to be a makeup pro to do that, thanks to the thin tip. The Pomade Definer is available in 3 colors: Taupe, Medium Brown and Chocolate.

Shape at its best

Mrs.Highbrow's Brow Soap and Brow Gel give the finishing touch to your client's eyebrows. After coloring and shaping the brows, it's time to give them that perfect shape.

  • With Mrs.Highbrow Brow Soap, the eyebrows are perfectly styled 24/7. The Brow Soap creates a fluffy, brushed-up effect.

  • The Styling Gel keeps brows in proper shape all day long. A small, fine brush allows you to set the brow in the right direction. And because the gel is transparent, you can use it on any client.

Get That Extra Glow

To give an eyebrow even more definition, highlight it with a highlighter. A perfect makeup tool to create a clean line under the eyebrow. This Duo Highlighter Pencil is ideal with a matte and shimmery side. With the matte side you tighten the brow at the bottom and with the shiny side you add accents. With the Mrs. Highbrow Highlighter Brush you can apply the highlighter super tight.

The Highlighter Pencil comes in 2 different shades, warm and cool. So you can choose the right color for each customer.

Oil & Serum for Healthy Brows

Of course, it all starts with the right care for the brows. We at Mrs. Highbrow believe in the power of grooming products. We have therefore developed two grooming products: the Wonderbrow Oil and Keratin Complex. You can sell these products to your clients. This way you also boost your sales. At the bottom of this article you can read how you can become a retailer and sell these products.

  • Mrs.Highbrow Wonderbrow Oil. This is the ultimate oil for stronger and fuller brows. With nourishing sweet almond oil, castor oil and argan oil. The oil absorbs quickly and has a wonderful scent. A must-have for anyone who cares about their brows and wants to keep their brows as full and healthy as possible.

  • Keratin Complex. This luxurious product is not only a nourishing and protective product for the brows but also for the eyelashes. It makes the hairs smooth and shiny. You can use Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex after the second step in the lash or brow lifting process. But you can also resell the product and advise the client to include the product in his or her routine every day.

Become Mrs.Highbrow Retailer

Imagine you have 12 customers a day, and 50% of them leaves the studio with one or more beautiful eyebrow products. This will quickly generate €100 - €200 extra turnover per day.

Do you want to give every customer the most beautiful finish and boost your daily turnover? Then become an official reseller of Mrs.Highbrow make-up. You will buy the make-up at cost price and sell it at the recommended retail price. The only thing we require is a starting order, about which our sales colleagues can tell you everything! Interested? Mail quickly to sales@mrshighbrow.com and ask for the conditions.

Curious about what points you need to pay attention to in order to sell the make-up as easily as possible? Click here.