SPOT ON • Nov 30, 2021

Specialist In The Spotlight: Jessica Saysell

Jessica Saysell

Just over two hours' drive from London, you'll find Jessica Saysell's brow and lash bar in Cheltenham. As well as treatments, this beauty salon offers courses using Mrs Highbrow's products. We asked her how she got into the brow business and what advice she would give to mums who have their own business.

As a teenage girl Jessica already loved beauty. She always wanted to do her friends' make-up and dreamed of getting a job as a hairdresser. In the end, she never picked up the hairdressing scissors because her eye had fallen on a popular eyebrow trend: Microblading. In 2014, she took her first course. A big risk, since she didn't take a beginner's course, but - ambitious as she was - started a two-day advanced course without any experience. "The first few eyebrows I got to work with were one big drama. There's so much to learn during an advanced course like that that it's almost impossible to be able to do it right away."

Disappointed about the training

Despite obtaining the training certificate, Jessica was disappointed with the result of the brows she had created. Moreover, she was far from confident enough to perform the treatment on clients. While she kept up with an office job in retail, the beauty enthusiast continued to delve into Microblading. She did everything she could to understand the treatment and all that it entailed and attended a 1-on-1 master class. Free time was virtually unknown to her, as she also had a little one to look after. Until she took the plunge in 2018 and went 100% for the beauty business. "I remember sitting at my desk at work and realising that I wasn't happy in my job. I had put so much time into something I wasn't doing anything with yet. Purely out of fear."

"My advice is to master one skill well and be passionate about it."

By going for it 100%, Jessica really meant 100%. In addition to the Microblading ombre, lips and eyeliner course, she also went for Brow Shaping and Tinting, Henna Brows, Lash Lifts, Classic Lashes, and Saline Tattoo Removal. To keep earning money, she worked in a children's home. A real jack-of-all-trades. Now she was ready to enter the brow industry and fall in love with the phenomenon of Henna Brows. What's more, she has now mastered this skill so well that she has recently started giving training sessions. Looking back it was a long road for her to get where she is today. That's why she can emphasize like no other why it's so important not to get carried away by all the courses on offer. She advises every student to master one skill and be passionate about it. Before you get carried away and spend a fortune on courses and products like she did.

Mrs.Highbrow Super Fan

The most popular courses in the UK are Henna Brows and Brow Lamination. That she can contribute to these as a trainer makes her proud. "The best thing about my career so far is this amazing opportunity to guide students in what I love, using the best products from Mrs.Highbrow and Dyotics." She gets her daily inspiration from her own motivation. "I truly enjoy my work and believe that passion naturally leads to work ethic." How she ended up with Mrs.Highbrow? After coming across it a few times with other professionals and asking them about their experiences, she was convinced. Now working with Dyotics Brow Henna, Mrs.Highbrow Makeup, Lamination as well as Lash Elevation products, she dares to call herself a #mrshighbrowsuperfan.

"Being a mother is very tiring on some days, especially when you run your own business"

Besides running a business, Jessica has two children to raise. She recently became a mother to her second son Tristan. "To be honest, being a mother is very exhausting some days. Especially when you run your own business. My day can start at 4am because Tristan hasn't slept through the night yet." Still, she advises every entrepreneur to go ahead with your plans. Even when working seems pointless next to the high cost of childcare. "Trust me, it pays off in the long run."

Visit for info on her courses. Or check Instagram @jessicasaysellaesthetics, Facebook and LinkedIn.