• Sep 21, 2019

Specialist In The Spotlight


In the section 'Specialist in the Spotlight', we talk to brow professionals who have followed a training course at Mrs.Highbrow. How they came into this industry and what have they already achieved? This week: meet beauty (addict) Priscilla, owner of Salon No.5 Beauty Studio in Zaltbommel.


1. How would you describe yourself??

“As a positive, super perfectionist and extremely inquisitive woman. I am a hard worker, both in the salon and at home for my family. As the mother of two big sons (10 and 13), owner of a company, and housewife in a household with pets, it is sometimes a bit hectic. But I perform best under pressure, haha."


2. Where did your passion for brows come from?

“During my beautician education I noticed that I really enjoyed waxing, tweezing and dyeing eyebrows. From that moment on, I started looking at it very differently. Eyebrows are much more important than you might think. A pair of great brows can immediately provide a refreshing look. "



3. Why a course at Mrs.Highbrow?

“I would like to improve myself as a specialist. And I think Mrs. Highbrow does that too. Even if you look critically at the results of the eyebrows they create, it is simply beautiful. I am very positive about the course I have taken. There was a nice atmosphere, there were nice specialists and the product line that is used is very beautiful. The total package is just right as soon as you enter the salon."


4. What makes this career so nice?

“The fact that you can improve yourself constantly. That's why it's always easy to stay motivated. I always try to keep up with new trends. For myself, but I notice that my customers appreciate that too."

" I am very positive about the course that I took at Mrs.Highbrow. There was a warm atmosphere, there were nice specialists and the product line that is used is great"

5. Your favourite treatment?

“A complete facial treatment. Because you perform so many different actions in one treatment. In addition, clients often take a facial treatment not only for skin improvement, but also for relaxation. The calm atmosphere makes me relaxed too. ”



6 What is your favourite product?

“I really can't without the Pro Powder Brow Pencil, the Dual Highlighter Pencil and the Brow Styling Gel, I swear by that! And in terms of tools ... The golden scissors of course. "

7. Which statement from a customer will you always remember??

“There are so many beautiful statements. But once a client said to me after a brow treatment: "I didn't know I could have such beautiful eyebrows." That's what you do it for. "


8. What is your brow quote?

“Brows is more than a treatment, it’s an art.”



9. What else would you like to learn?

“I remain passionate about beauty and I want to keep on improving myself. I don't have specific learning goals for the coming period, but this weekend happens to be a beauty trade show in the agenda. Who knows what I encounter there. "

“Brows is more than a treatment, it’s an art.”

10 How do you see yourself in the future?

“Some day I hope to have a larger salon with perhaps a few extra hands. For now I am very satisfied and proud of the fact that things are going so well.

More info: www.facebook.com/SalonNo.5BeautyStudio/