Spot on • Jun 09, 2018

Specialist in the Spotlight: Mariah


In the section 'Specialist in the Spotlight', we speak with brow professionals who have followed a training course at Mrs.Highbrow. How they came into this industry and what have they already achieved? This week: Mariah, owner of Mariah Isabel Salon.

How would you describe yourself?

“A friendly, enthusiastic and a little perfectionist eyelash and eyebrow specialist, who likes to challenge herself."

Where did your passion for eyebrows come from?

“Years ago I went to a beauty trade, where I had my eyebrows done. This was such a positive difference that I was surprised and very enthusiastic about it. From that moment on I started to look more serious to eyebrows and I was looking forward to helping other women.”

Why a course at Mrs.Highbrow?

“Mrs.Highbrow was the first known brow bar in the Netherlands for me. I always saw beautiful results passing by. So I thought it would be nice to follow this training at Mrs.Highbrow and see the salon in real life. I did not regret it, the team was superb.”

What makes this career so special?

“I like the most when a client with relatively thin eyebrows comes by for the first time and is super proud of how full they have become with my help after about four months. Or if a customer does not know what to do with her eyebrows and you can create a beautiful shape that she had not expected. In short: make women feel confident with a pair of perfect eyebrows, that makes the job fun!”

One of my clients said "You really resuscitated my eyebrows"

What is your favourite treatment?

“The full brow treatment: from measuring and shaping the eyebrows to dyeing, waxing, epilating and cutting them. With the icing on the cake possibly a final touch with makeup.”

The best product?

“I am actually a fan of three Mrs.Highbrow products: the powder pencil, the duo highlighter, and the clear gel. These really are a super-combi!"


Which statement from a customer will you always remember?

One of my clients recently called me her” brow doctor “. Another client sent me an app after her treatment: “You really resuscitated my eyebrows!”. I won’t soon forget that haha. ”

Wat is jouw brow quote?

“Good brows, good mood.”

What else would you like to learn?

“I have wanted to learn more about ombre brows for a long time, a semi-permanent make-up technique. I finally took this step by registering for the course. I can’t wait to develop in this area. ”


How do you see your future?

“That is a difficult question since I do not plan far ahead. Step by step I look at the fun that comes my way and when I go for something, I grab it with both hands.”

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