Specialist in the Spotlight: Stephanie Alexandra Rüpp


Stephanie Alexandra Rüpp (28) is a real brow boss who's been fascinated with brows for over ten years, with this passion resulting in her own salon and academy. She even taught herself all the techniques and treatments! How did this business babe build it all up and what are her biggest motivators?

- By Desi van Dijk

Stephanie's passion for the beauty industry started at an early age. After high school, she started training as a beautician and from the age of 20 she really started focusing on brows. "I started with waxing, tweezing and dyeing. I asked a Moroccan woman who came to my parents' tanning salon if she could explain to me how she did it with wire. I watched a few times and then I just started practicing on myself, my parents and friends."


The first treatments Stephanie started offering were brow treatments with regular brow tint. But she wanted more. Four years ago, she expanded her business and introduced new treatments, and Brows & Beauty House was born. "What I like about brows is that every eyebrow is different and challenging. You can turn any eyebrow into the perfect brow." This is also exactly what Stephanie wants to pass on to the girls who work in her salon! Every brow is different, the client's wishes need to be listened to carefully, and every brow has its 'own treatment'.

"When students come to me for training, I want to be able to offer them the total package.

The term 'busy bee' describes Stephanie perfectly. She does not sit still, especially after she started her own academy in October 2020, which grew rapidly right away. "What I taught myself in seven years I put into a book. In my courses, I go through it all completely and help the upcoming brow babes very intensively." She offers four courses. "When students come to me for training, I want to be able to offer the total package. I find it unprofessional if you have to refer a client because you can't perform a certain treatment."

To continue to inspire and challenge herself, she frequently looks at specialists in Australia and Russia. "Their work is really beautiful! But every time I see a picture of them I think: I must be able to do this even better". This is perhaps also a part of what Stephanie is very confident about in her work. "Because I am a perfectionist, I know for sure that I do beautiful work and that I leave every client happy and confident. That's ultimately what you do it for." But being such a perfectionist can also be a pitfall at times.

"Setting the bar high for myself, I certainly do. Sometimes maybe a little too much. I have to watch out for that".


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