SPOT ON • Mar 29, 2022

The Lash Lady Swindon: Awards & Adrenaline


At age 27, Elizabeth Nelson is still fairly new to the business, but already has a successful salon in her home of Swindon, UK, and several awards to her name! Three years ago Elizabeth came into contact with Mrs.Highbrow when she was searching for a new brand of brow henna and Dyotics ticked all the boxes for her.

By Desi van Dijk

Elizabeth is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and her introduction to the beauty industry was a match made in heaven. "After first working with horses for a few years, I quickly noticed that my perfectionism got in the way, so I was looking for a job where I could use my perfectionist traits to my advantage."

"Competing in a beauty contest is addictive. It's no longer about winning for me, but mostly about the 'free' feedback from the judges."

"During the time I was learning all the ins & outs about brows and lashes, I attended over thirty training sessions live and online from the best trainers around the world," says Elizabeth. "As a result, I set up my business The Lash Lady Swindon with a lot of knowledge and confidence." If you look at Elizabeth's work on Instagram, you'll see why she's already won more than 20 awards in her field. "Taking part in a beauty contest is very addictive. For me, it's no longer about winning, but mostly about the 'free' feedback you get from real experts on the jury. That feedback is so valuable. Taking part in competitions like this also gives you a boost of adrenaline."

"I had almost given up on my search for the perfect henna, but after trying Dyōtics once, I was sold."


"When I was looking for a new henna brand three years ago, I came across Mrs.Highbrow


How does Elizabeth continue to challenge and inspire herself? "There is so much talent on social media that there is already a lot to learn here. You quickly pick up little tips and tricks and I try to put my own spin on them and incorporate them into my routine. By sharing them, I hope to inspire other people as well! After all, we are all in a rapidly growing beauty community and how wonderful it is that we can help and inspire each other." This is also the goal of the trainings Elizabeth offers. She strives to help and teach professionals to improve their businesses and teaches them the latest techniques.

"Mrs.Highbrow is always on top of the latest trends in the brow world. A true one-stop shop for all my brow products."

The saying 'if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life' rings true for Elizabeth. "I often tell my clients that I am essentially paid to chat with people. I often forget that I am working. Also, I can still amaze myself every time I finish a treatment and see the most beautiful creations of brows or lashes."

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