BUSINESS • Aug 16, 2021

Never Run Out Of Time Again

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Your agenda is overflowing with appointments & it's crucial that no treatments run late so your entire schedule doesn't get thrown out of whack! How can you minimize your own loss of time and ensure clients are never late again? We've gathered our best tried & true tips from our experience over the years. 

By Anouk Bruel

#1. Advise in advance

Give your clients a full run-down beforehand to make their appointments easier. For example, let them know they should arrive with as little makeup as possible so you don't need to spend time removing their mascara before a Lash Lift treatment, or remind them of your payment options if you are cashless or don't accept credit cards to avoid any surprises in the salon! We suggest including this information in every appointment confirmation. Better to be safe than sorry with an extra heads up! 

#2. Know when to cut the chitchat 

Friendliness on the shop floor is part of what makes our profession fun, furthermore customer loyalty and team building are paramount to our business! But, don't take it too far. Spending 15 minutes laughing at the story of a customer is just too much. Remember, as an entrepreneur, time is money! Ask your clients for the short version of their stories, and don't feel bad if you need to ask them to sit quietly for a time while you are doing your work. Lastly, have your team members save their juicy stories for after closing time!

#3. Quick Applications

Choose products with a short exposure time so you can do your treatments as efficiently as possible. One such product is our Lash Elevation treatment which has a super-short application time. Within 40 minutes you'll have finished the lift and even had time to dye your lashes!

#4. Little white booking lies

One trusty booking tip is to "secretly" book every appointment 5 minutes early. What do we mean? A client books an appointment for 10:45, but it's actually in your calendar to start at 10:50, this way it's not a problem if the client arrives 5 minutes late, in reality they are right on time! If they actually arrive on time, they can simply wait for 5 minutes, which isn't usually an issue for anyone! 

#5. Focus On

It's important to stay focused, so don't get distracted by your handsome neighbor walking by or your phone vibrating with an app notification. Put your phone on "do not disturb", even if you use the same phone for business and private use. Check missed calls and messages only when you have free time! 

#6. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

The stunner in your treatment chair is eager to see the end result after sitting for more than half an hour, and you're more than happy to share the joy that comes with a great pair of eyebrows! But, be sure to show your client results via a large mirror on the wall! A hand mirror gives your client a close-up of every little irregularity and before you know it, you'll be spending time afterwards trying to sooth their uncertainties over details that you, as a professional, won't even notice. Stay realistic, perfectionists! 

#7. Leaving Kids At Home

Life happens, and you understand that sometimes clients have to take their children with them when the babysitter cancels last minute. But, if this causes mom to be distracted throughout her appointment forcing you to stop frequently, or even worse, the children run amok through the salon, it's okay to stop and say something. Remember, it's your salon - you set the rules. Try placing a reminder in your confirmation email that clients must come alone, or bring an adult to watch the children. 

#8. An Organized Workplace

Make sure your workspace is neat and organized so that everything you need is at your fingertips in an instant. How can you achieve this if you don't have Marie Kondo style? Use workstations! Put your brow henna in the Dyotics Workstation and makeup in the Mrs. Highbrow Counter Display.

#9. Phones Away

If a client takes a call during treatment forcing you to take a break or is constantly looking down at their phone, preventing you from continuing, you can be slowed down enormously and unable to do your job properly. Again, time is money! Don't feel badly to tell clients to leave their phone in a bag. After all, you both want top quality work within the allotted time!