BROW LAMINATION • Sep 06, 2021

Tip: Brow Lamination Without Adhesive

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A Brow Lamination treatment consists of 3 steps. Plus the use of Adhesive to tame the most unruly hairs. But did you know that in some cases you can omit the Adhesive? Let's dive into this. 

Brow Lamination Adhesive is the first step in the lifting process. It's almost like you stick the hairs to the skin. To tame and position the most unruly hairs. An important step. Unless eyebrows have the right thickness and length. Then you can omit the use of Adhesive.

Condition for Brow Lamination without Adhesive

Adhesive is there for a reason and you can't always leave it out. So make sure you always have a bottle available. Only in the following cases can you do without:

- For thin to normal eyebrow hair. If the hairs are very stiff, you really need Adhesive.
- The hairs should be fairly long.
- The eyebrows should be of normal density. If a brow is very full, then Adhesive works better.


Time is money

By performing a brow lamination treatment without Adhesive, you save a lot of time. You don't have to stick the brows to the skin hair by hair, which saves at least 10 minutes. In addition, the Lifting Lotion and the Setting Lotion do not have to get through the Adhesive, which means the processing time of the lotions can be shortened by 1 minute.

This is how it works 

- Clean the eyebrows well and make them oil-free. Determine the thickness of the hair and the correct application time that goes with this.
- Apply a reasonable layer of Lifting Lotion Step 1 with an applicator.
- Comb the hairs into the desired shape. Make sure all the hair is well covered with the lotion and apply plastic wrap.
- When half of the application time has passed, remove the foil from the eyebrows and pause your timer. All hairs are now relaxed. This allows you to place them even better in the desired shape.
- Comb them well again and place them in the desired shape with a spoolie brush. Make sure that all hairs lie flat and that the hairs do not contain any curves.
- Place the foil back and turn the timer back on.
- When Step 1 has been worked in properly, remove the foil.
- Carefully remove Step 1 with the back of your applicator.
- Apply Lotion 2 with an applicator and again comb the hairs with a spoolie brush into the desired shape.
- Apply plastic foil and let it work, depending on the thickness of the eyebrows.
- You continue the treatment as you are used to.

Tip: tooth cleaner 

Instead of a spoolie you can use a tooth cleaner. This fine brush ensures that you can comb the hairs even more precisely in the right direction. Available at the drugstore.

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Processing Time Brow Lamination

Below you'll find the processing time when you use Adhesive. If you omit the Adhesive, you can shorten the processing time by one minute.

Lifting Lotion:
4 minutes: fine hairs
6 minutes: normal hair
8 minutes: coarse hair

Fixing Lotion:
6 minutes: fine hair
8 minutes: normal hair
10 minutes: coarse hair

Cost efficient kit

The Mrs.Highbrow Brow Lamination Starter Kit contains:

Stap 1 Lifting Cream
Stap 2 Setting Cream
Stap 3 Nourishing Gel
50 spoolies
50 applicators
3 Lifting tools

Price Mrs.Highbrow Brow Lamination Kit: €105

Tip: Online Course

The online course Brow Lamination provides you with all the tips and tricks to create a beautiful brushed-up brow. You can start at any time and look back as often as you like. Price: € 135, including Mrs.Highbrow Starter Kit worth € 105 and certificate.