ACADEMY • Aug 22, 2022

From Brow Bar to Online Courses

From Brow Stylist to Henna Brows, and from Lash Lift to Brow Lamination, we offer six different online courses, all focusing on eyebrows or eyelashes. Read all about our wildly popular courses that you can take at your own pace & choose which ones are for you!

- By Desi van Dijk

Are you new to our story? Mrs.Highbrow was born out of practice. In 2014, we opened our doors in the Amsterdam and we were so proud to be the first real brow bar in the Netherlands; imagine that, at the time, we were a completely new concept! Clients had their brows done sitting side by side, just like at the hairdresser. Fast forward almost a decade later, we've not only provided thousands of women with the most beautiful brows, we've trained hundreds of specialists. And not just our own eyebrow stylists, but others around the world. The popularity and beautiful craft that resulted from our brow bar helped Mrs.Highbrow to quickly grow from brow bar to a whole academy.

6 Types Of Online Courses

Mrs.Highbrow offers no less than six online courses, two of which are free! The online courses are designed so that you can work on your skills from the comfort of your own home or salon, saving valuable time that is better spent with your clients. You can take the courses at your own pace and upon completion you will receive a handwritten certificate to display your hard work (with the exception of the e-mail course). We're breaking down a summary of all the courses and the additional benefits: 

First things first: the basics! Each online course contains five to eight chapters of theory, including all the basic knowledge you need to know before you start a treatment. At the end of each chapter you'll take a short quiz with a few questions, and at the very end of the theory portion there's a multiple choice exam to test yourself & make sure you have understood everything correctly. After completing the online course, you can request your certificate through our online platform and you'll receive this certificate a few working days later by mail!

1.Brow Stylist Online Training

Mrs.Highbrow Online cursussen browstylist browstyling

In the Brow Stylist Online Course you'll learn the basics. Are you a beginner in the field with an affinity for beauty and brows? Are you already working as an eyelash or nail stylist and want to focus on eyebrows? Then this course is perfect for you!

With the Brow Stylist Online Course you'll learn all about wax, how it works and what it is. We'll give you tools for shaping an eyebrow, as well as how to conduct an intake interview. The course includes an instructional video and of course an exam to test your knowledge!

Are you really brand new or inexperienced in the beauty business? In this case, we'd recommend you choose an on-site, in-person training locally instead.

Price Brow Stylist Course with Master Kit: €199.
Price Brow Stylist Course without Master Kit: €69.

Online Cursus Brow Stylist Review

2. Online Course Henna Brows

Mrs.Highbrow Online cursus henna brows

After taking the Online Course for Henna Brows, you can start Henna Brow treatments with the right dose of confidence. In this training, we take you step-by-step through the whole process and give important background knowledge that you may need. Two tutorials help to make everything even clearer!

Price Henna Brows Course with Master Kit: €199.
Price Henna Brows Course without Master Kit: €69.

Mrs.Highbrow Online Cursus Henna Brows Review

3. Online Course Brow Lamination 

Mrs.Highbrow Online Cursus Brow Lamination

This course covers a major trend that we saw grow in popularity in the last years that's proven it's here to stay: Brow Lamination. In this Online Course for Brow Lamination we cover all the ins-and-outs about this hugely popular treatment and also take you step-by-step through the entire treatment. After completing the online course and lots of practice, you'll be able to create the most beautiful laminated, full & fluffy brows with confidence!

Price Brow Lamination course with Master Kit: €149.
Price Brow Lamination course without Master Kit: €69.

Mrs.Highbrow Online Cursus Lash Lift Review

4. Online Course Lash Lift

Mrs.Highbrow Online Cursus lash lift

Our Online Course for Lash Lifting will teach you all the tricks of the trade of this wildly popular treatment, introducing you to the beautiful world of natural lashes. It's also perfect if you're already familiar with the Lash Lift treatment but want to learn more about our Lash Elevation product range. With all the background knowledge, tips & tricks and tutorials covered in this online course, you'll be ready to create the most beautiful eyes.

Price Lash Lift Course with Master Kit: €149.
Price Lash Lift Course without Kit: €69.

Mrs.Highbrow Online Cursus Lash Lift Review

Free Online Courses

At Mrs.Highbrow we love when we can offer you even more to deepen your knowledge in a specific field and help you start working with confidence. Our team has developed two free online courses to give you the extra confidence boost or refresher you might need! 

5. Expert Module: Henna Brows Coloring

This expert module teaches you how to choose the right shade of henna for each and every client, and it's a continuation of the online Henna Brows course. You may have wondered, just how do you choose the right color for each client? What shades can you mix together? With this free training, you'll learn all the tips & tricks, and we do recommend completing our online Henna Brows course before this one.

6. Gain More Confidence as a Beauty Boss

This course was written by our Brow Expert and CEO, Ska van Buren, and teaches you all the tricks of the entrepreneurial trade. Once you've signed up for this free course, you'll receive an email every day for 5 weeks, with a new topic each week on running your business and success in the beauty industry. After 5 weeks you'll be even more confident as a beauty entrepreneur!