WAXING • Jan 06, 2020

The best wax secrets revealed



Hair removal can be done in many different ways. How do you know which wax is best for your customer? And how do you remove as many hairs as possible in the perfect way? We have submitted these issues - and other burning questions - to Mrs. Highbrow’s salon manager and trainer Francien.

What is the difference between film wax and waxing with strips?

According to Francien, there is a lot of difference between these two. Waxing with strips has a stronger adhesive force, which can be more damaging to the skin. In that case, film wax is a lot milder. “I have noticed that the skin can stay redder through waxing with strips. In addition, you can more easily take a layer of the skin. In Mrs.Highbrow’s salon, we use the mild wax of our own brand Wunderwax. This wax takes the hairs well and is soft and gentle to the skin.”

Wunderwax is a hot film wax. What exactly is that?

“You can apply film wax if it is at the right temperature, using a wooden spatula. The wax solidifies, after which it is a hard layer on the skin. The hairs are therefore stuck in the wax. When you pull the layer of wax that has become hard, you automatically pull the hair. This is in contrast to other kinds of wax, which remain soft, so you have to pick it up with a strip.”

What is the difference between Wunderwax Gold and Pearl?

“Actually, the only difference is the color”, says Francien. “There is no difference in quality, both are equally good. It is just which color suits your salon better.”

My wax does not seem to stick on the skin well. How is that possible?

“If the wax does not seem to hold, this can have several causes. Probably the wax is too low in temperature. If the wax heater is not high enough, then the wax solidifies too quickly and the hairs are not properly absorbed in the product. It is also possible that the skin is too greasy. Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly degrease the skin with, for example, the Get Set Pre Epilation Mousse.”

The wax is already hard before I want to apply to the skin. How did that happen?

“Then the wax solidifies too quickly because the wax pot probably is not high enough. It may also be that you wait a little too long to apply the wax if it is already on your spatula.”

Not all hairs are removed. What can be the cause?

Francien indicates that if not all hairs are removed, this can also occur because the wax is not warm enough. It is therefore important that the wax has the right temperature. “Also, the layer you apply should not be too thick, and after you have applied the wax, you press it just as well. But it can also happen that the hairs are too short or too stiff. Then, it would be better to thread.”How do I test if the temperature is right?“You pick up a wooden spatula and get the spatula through the wax. Then you turn the spatula over so that a droplet arises. If this droplet no longer runs but almost comes to a halt, then the wax is at the right temperature. If the drop is too fast, then you know the wax is too hot. Still not entirely sure? Test the wax on your wrist. It is better to test once more than to use too hot wax!”Tip: The right temperature also depends on how much wax is in the container. If there is less, the wax also requires less heat. If the wax container is full, it needs more heat and thus increases the temperature of the heater.

I do not get the wax off the skin. What am I doing wrong?

“You have to make sure that the wax is just as thick everywhere. It should not be too thick but certainly not too thin. Because then you have the chance to break it easily. If the wax is too thin, it breaks continuously. So make sure that the wax is just as thick everywhere. If you not getting a certain wax off, use an oil to remove the remains. This can be done with, for example, theWax Away After Epilation Oil.”

How should I treat the skin before I start waxing?

“It is important to thoroughly clean the skin before you start waxing. In this way, you decrease the skin and the wax will ‘grab’ better. The perfect product for this is Get Set Pre Epilation Mousse. This product includes tea tree, which purifies and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.”

Can I go over the skin with wax several times?

“Do you not know the skin of a customer yet? Then do not go over the same spot more than once”, advises Francien. “You don’t know how the skin responds and whether it is hypersensitive. Therefore, always start with the piece between the eyebrows to see how the skin reacts. Then you can go further with the top and bottom of the brow. This skin is, in fact, firmer than the skin under and above the eyes. Finally, before I start waxing, I always want to know if the customer has not just done a peel. Because then waxing is strongly advised not to. The skin is then extra sensitive.”