WAXING • Apr 05, 2021

The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Wunderwax

Worth its weight in gold, Wunderwax is sure to be your new favorite. Why? Not only does it have the color and texture of liquid gold, the quality is unparalleled. Wondering the best way to use it? We’re covering the most frequently asked questions below.

1. What's so special about Wunderwax?

Wunderwax Gold is known as a film wax, as it is applied with a spatula and then solidifies to form a hard film on the skin. Hairs become stuck in the wax, so when you pull off the hardened layer, the hair is automatically pulled with it. In contrast, resin and hot wax remain soft and must be removed with a strip and can have a stronger adhesive power, which can be more damaging to the skin. Wunderwax is a much gentler choice for your client’s skin.

2. What is the right temperature?

Using the right temperature wax is incredibly important. You could hurt your client with wax that is too warm, and wax that is too cool just won’t work. How can you ensure your wax is the right temperature every time? Simply set your Mrs. Highbrow wax heater to “5 past 12”.

Mrs. Highbrow’s expert stylists advise filling your pot to a maximum of 5cm and to be sure to refill only to that level each time, as any more and you’ll be waiting a while before your wax is warm! Check your temperature by scooping your spatula into the wax, just like you would ice cream or cookie dough, and then hold up the spatula. Flip it around so a small drop forms. Does it slowly drip down, almost to a standstill? You’re ready to go! If it drips down quickly, it’s still too hot and wait a bit longer. Try it out on your wrist before treating your client if you’re unsure!

3. Are there any contraindications?

Always ask your client first if she has had any intensive skin treatments like a peeling or facial, or if she uses anything that might make her skin more sensitive like acne medication or a retinol cream. Using these products together with wax might not be a good idea, so it’s a good rule of thumb to check before you begin.

Unsure about your client’s skin? Only go over the same area once and begin with the firmer skin between the eyebrows to see how the client’s skin reacts before continuing with the top and bottom.

4. I can't get the wax off the skin...

Achieving the best possible wax removal requires correct application technique. You must ensure the wax is evenly distributed, as wax that’s applied too thinly will break as you try to remove it. It’s best to leave a small dot of wax at the end to serve as a lip so you can remove the wax easily. If there are pieces of wax you’re unable to remove, use an oil like Oil La La Miracle Wax Assistant.

5. Why doesn't every hair get waxed?

If the wax doesn’t seem to be taking hold, there could be a number of reasons why. Most often, the heater is not set at the right temperature and wax has become too cool to properly adhere to hairs. Another common reason is that a client’s skin is too greasy, so be sure to treat your clients skin with Get Set Pre Epilation Gel. Another possibility is that your client’s hairs are too flat to the skin, as is often the case with women of Asian descent. In this instance, apply talcum powder to the skin before applying wax; we recommend you do this for all clients receiving a lip wax.

Price Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax: €14,50 ex vat.

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