TINTING • Aug 10, 2021

Which Eyebrow Dye For Whom?

Wenkbrauwen verven mrs.Highbrow

From regular tint to brow henna, to a natural effect or sleek and striking sculpted brows, there are so many choices! How do you know when to use which dye, and what will the result be? We're breaking it down.

Desired result: A natural effect

Mrs.Highbrow brow lamination eyebrows wenkbrauwen

Product: LashFX in shade "Light Brown" or "Dark Brown"

For whom: Does a client want a more natural look? In other words, she thinks her eyebrows are just too light and wants them only a shade darker? Regular tint like LashFX will be the perfect solution, alone or used in combination with brow lamination, as best results for a brow lamination mean only the hair is tinted and not the skin underneath.

How to: Mix about 1 cm paint with 4-5 drops LashFX developer and mix into an even paste, but be sure to tint only the brow hair and not the skin. Apply with a spoolie and not a brush, to ensure that you really only paint the eyebrow hairs. If you are combining regular tint with brow lamination, go ahead and do use a brush to apply it.

How long do treatment results last : 5-6 weeks

Price LashFX: €8.

Desired result: Light shadow

wenkbrauwen eyebrows verven tinting

Product: LashFX in shades "Light Brown" or "Dark Brown", or Bronsun in shade "Light Brown"

For whom: Does a client want more striking brows, but still not too much? Or does she want Henna Brows, but is afraid it will be too dark? Achieve her best results by painting the skin with a tint that doesn't stay on the skin for too long, not just painting the hair, so she can get used to a print on the skin.

How: Paint both the hair and skin, using a brush to do this, and let it soak in for 10-15 minutes, and the paint will be on the skin until the next shower. For this treatment, use LashFX or a light shade of Bronsun; Bronsun stays on the skin for up to 7 days, so if you use a darker shade, the client will really get that henna effect she desires.

How long do treatment results last: 1 day on the skin, 5-6 weeks on the hair.

Price Bronsun: €15

Desired result: Imprint on the skin

henna Brows Mrs. Highbrow dyotics

Product: Dyotics Brow Henna or Bronsun Tint

For whom: For an intense look on both the hair and skin, choose Dyotics Brow Henna in all 6 shades or Bronsun in shades "Brown" or "Dark Brown".

How: Apply Dyotics Brow Henna or Bronsun with an angled brush or henna brush, and paint well under the hairs, all skin should be covered. Leave the dye on for 15-20 minutes, although you can remove the dye from the front of the brow after 5-7 minutes for an ombre effect.

How long do treatment results last: Dyotics: 5-14 days on the skin; 5-6 weeks on the hair, and Bronsun: up to 7 days on the skin and 5-6 weeks on the hair.

Price Dyotics: €24,95

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