BUSINESS • Oct 11, 2021

Give Your Turnover a Boost

How to get more sales beautysalon

It's hard to imagine, but your salon was likely closed for a few months this year and that probably had a big impact on your turnover. Let's end this year on a high note with our 6 best tips for increasing your sales.

1. Customer loyalty is key

It's better to have regular customers who come to you once in a while than to have new visitors to your salon every time. Regular customers generally know how things go or what they need, so treatments go more smoothly. To encourage a client to return, ask during checkout if they would like to make an appointment for a few weeks from now.

What you can also do: offer a loyalty or rewards program! Try a strip card for 10 brow shaping treatments, where the customer only pays for 9 treatments. You can do this with an old-fashioned punch card or keep track of it in the booking system. Keep surprising your regular customers with new treatments and products, and tell them about it during the treatment as well!

2. Extra sales opportunities

Give your sales a boost every day by selling on the side so customers not only buy treatments, but also a product! This alone can quickly increase your sales by 25%. A great product to sell is an eyelash serum like Revitalash, as there's a high margin on it and it can make lash lift results even better. Many customers are willing to buy these types of products from you because they trust you. 

Another tip? Try using the product yourself, so when your customers inevitably praise your luscious eyelashes, you can let the product sell itself! 

Eyebrow makeup is another big seller, but keep in mind that clients aren't buying a pencil, they're buying a look. Always apply brow make-up after treatments to show them the beautiful products you sell and that they're a necessary finishing touch. Would you like to become a retailer of Mrs.Highbrow makeup? Send an email to and ask for the conditions.

Wonderbrow oil mrs highbrow

Boost your sales with Wonderbrow, now: 10 pieces with 50% discount!

Wonderbrow is an ideal product to sell alongside your treatments, as this natural oil is suitable for everyone - no matter what kind of eyebrow hair they have! The oil nourishes and really makes the hair shine. Recommend it to your clients to use every night before bed to pamper their brows and prolong the results of some treatments.

To enable every salon to increase their sales, we have a great offer for a limited time. Buy 10 of the Mrs.Highbrow Wonderbrow Oil Rollers and pay only €85, or € 8.50 per roller! The retail price is €17, so you get a 50% discount on the retail price.

Add 10 Wonderbrow rollers to your basket and enter code WONDERBROW50 during checkout, the discount will be automatically deducted.

3. Gift voucher

Gif cards will always be the ideal gift for someone who already has everything and loves beauty treatments, so make sure you always have gift vouchers in stock so your customers can surprise their loved ones with them! Local to the NL? You can have them made at or

Tip: make sure you have nice envelopes on hand and put them in a bag with scented tissue paper. Do you also have a webshop? Don't forget to offer them online! If you start selling gift vouchers now, you will be just in time for Christmas ;) A brow bar gift certificate will always go down very well under the Christmas tree!

cadeaubon mrs highbrow

4. Use an online booking service

Research shows that almost half of all bookings take place after business hours, and that 67% of millennials prefer to book online! An online booking system is an absolute must. This will also save you a lot of time because you don't have to answer as many phone calls and emails. Local NL tip:, as it's super convenient and user-friendly, with a very good customer service.


5. Regular price increases

The costs of running a business go up every year, so the prices in your salon can't stay behind. Many of us find raising prices difficult, for fear of losing your existing clients, but they will understand! After all, their own energy bills or other amenities are also going up by leaps and bounds, so they're used to paying more in every area.

This applies twofold if you're often fully booked; it's really time to take a closer look at your prices! Consider of an increase of at least €1 to €3 per treatment and be sure to announce changes so it's not a surprise for your clients. How to tell your clients? Tell them in advance, so an increase will not be an unexpected surprise, by mentioning it on your website, place a note in your salon, or tell them during checkout. You can explain the reason behind the price increase, but don't go into detail. Don't forget to remind your staff of the price increase before you announce it to clients.

Tip: the new year is also a great time to raise prices, and you can already announce it now.

6. Make smart buying choices

Finally, make sure that you buy smart, like doing things like placing larger orders in one go, so that you have free shipping or discounts. For example, if you buy €250 or more from Mrs.Highbrow, the shipping costs are free ;) And have you already signed up for the newsletter? Then you get 10% discount on your first purchase and you are always in the know about offers and promotions!