How to • Nov 14, 2020

12 Questions about Henna Brows

Dyotics Henna Brows Brow henna wenkbrauwen

Creating Henna Brows is a specialized skill. Even the best eyebrow specialist sometimes has questions about it. We have collected the most frequently asked questions for you. With the answers, of course.

1. What is the best application time?

We recommend to let the henna sit for 15 to 20 minutes, so that the colour can adhere well to the skin. The henna also has time to develop so that a beautiful color appears. If you remove the henna too early, sometimes a greenish yellow glow can be seen.

2. After 15 minutes still no imprint on the skin. How is this possible?

The skin may not have been cleaned properly. On a greasy surface the brow henna doesn't pick up properly. Therefore it is important that there are no more traces of make-up and creams on the skin. So clean well! Preferably first with a make-up remover, followed by Dyōtics Skin Prep Lotion. And then dry thoroughly. Because if the skin is still moist, the henna won't catch. It is also important that you go well under the bristles with your brush. Really all skin should be covered.

3. At my blond client even Honey fell out very dark...

Light, fine hairs can get very dark with henna. These hairs absorb the henna like a sponge, with a rather dark result. So pay attention when working with this kind of brows. Check the result after 5 minutes, by removing a piece with a cotton swab. It may be that the hairs are already sufficiently colored, but the skin is not yet. In this case we advise you to leave it that way, to prevent it from becoming too heavy.

4. After treatment my client cycled through the rain, causing the henna to run out. How is this possible?

After you have applied henna brows, it is actually impossible for the henna to drain. Only if the product was not properly removed from the hairs, it could sprout. So always remove it properly, even though customers should keep their brows dry for up to 12-24 hours after treatment.

5. What are those white balls in the powder?

It is possible that there are some white balls in your jar of powder. This is gum, to ensure that the henna binds with the water. For a better binding, mix the powder with hot water and leave the mixture to stand for 5-10 minutes. Are the balls still not dissolved after these measures? With a microbrush you can crush them. By the way, the balls do not affect the result.

6. My customer's brows have turned very red. Cause?

Possibly your client used a self tanning product or did a spray tan. Advise your customer not to use a spray tan at least the last two weeks before the henna treatment, to prevent this reaction from occurring.

7. Can Dyotics Brow Henna be overdue?

After opening a jar can be kept for another 8 months. If you still use it after that, there is a chance that the henna will not work as well.

8. What if you notice that you have used too light a colour?

No worries if you feel that the shade you have chosen is too light for a client. You can apply one more almost immediately after applying the first layer. The shades of Dyōtics can be mixed with each other.

9. The henna has a green-yellow glow. How is this possible?

Pure henna is green. If you start painting too early, you can indeed see a green glow. Mix the henna with warm to hot water and wait 5-10 minutes before you start painting. Make sure the porridge is well developed and has a nice brown colour. Don't the eyebrows have a yellow-green glow afterwards? Know that by the time the customer is home, they will be completely gone. It is also possible that you have quite some white light in your salon, which makes it look greener than it really is.

10. What affects a quick fading of Henna Brows?

Water and sweat. So if your client is a huge fitgirl, discuss this in advance. Let her - and every client in your chair - know that the brows need to be kept dry for the first 12-24 hours after treatment. Even after that time, it's important not to use cleaning products, scrubs or peelings on the brows.

11. Can a skin be too oily for eyebrow henna?

When the skin is really very oily, it is not wise to start using eyebrowhenna because it simply will not catch on. Then advise your client to go for regular eyebrow dye and only take the hairs with you.

12. Why does the colour fade faster with some clients?

You can assume that the colour will remain on the skin for 5 to 10 days, provided your client takes good care of her eyebrows. However, there may be more reasons why the colour fades more quickly:

- The skin was still moist from the Skin Prep Lotion when you applied the henna

- You applied the henna too thinly; the skin under the eyebrows should be completely covered

- You did not press the henna properly into the skin and stamp it

- The customer has very oily skin

- You did not brush well enough under the eyebrows

- The skin was not properly cleaned; there were still grease or makeup residue on

- You have had the henna retracted too short

- The customer has such dense eyebrows that it is difficult to cover all the skin under the brows with henna

- The customer wet and/or cleaned her brows within 12 hours after the treatment

- You have applied too light a hue to a dark skin

- The customer has almost no eyebrows of its own; brow henna only leaves a decent skin stain when there is quite some hair

13. Why is the henna in an older container much darker than in a new packaging?

The powder darkens under the influence of oxygen. This has no further influence on the result. However, the henna loses its effect at some point. After opening you can use it for 8 months.

14. What is the shelf live of Dyotics Brow Henna?

Unopened jars last for about 2 years. After opening you can use Dyotics brow henna for 8 months.

15. Can you mix all colors?

Yes, you can mix all Dyotics colors. For example, add some Raven to make a color darker and more ashy. But there are also specialists who add Hazelnut to Natural Brown to make the color warmer and to tone it down. Or maybe you think Taupe is just a bit too light and Natural Brown too dark. Then you can mix these two shades perfectly to your favorite blend.