How to • Jun 15, 2020

Which course is for me?


What is the difference between an online course and a course at our Academy? Which course is the perfect fit for you? Before your anxiety kicks in, poor yourself a warm cup of tea and read this article. We will guide you through making the right choice for you and your ambition.

Let’s start with a little reassurance. Whether you’re just starting out as a brow stylist or whether you’re already quite experienced, we will have a course to meet your wishes. We can guide you from the very start to become the best brow stylist you can be. But we also offer advanced courses to provide a broader range of brow techniques.


I’m starting out as a brow stylist

Congratulations, you made the choice to join the industry that makes our hearts beat faster. And we welcome you to this journey to become the best brow stylist you can be. We advise you to follow our Brow Stylist Course first. This course will build the foundation for anyone who has the ambition to become a very good brow stylist. During this course you will learn to wax, tweeze, cut, color and perfect with brow make up. In other words, you will learn all the basic techniques of brow styling. Practice makes perfect and that’s why we will provide online coaching for 6 months.

We have the course you need - from a beginner to a more advanced levelI’m an experienced brow stylist

I’m an experienced brow stylist

 You’ve built a strong foundation as a brow stylist and you’re ready to deepen your knowledge and skills in the brow business. Good job! We’ve developed multiple courses for advanced techniques. Two treatments that can’t be missing from your salon menu are Henna Brows and Brow Lamination.



Henna Brows

Henna Brows is an immensely popular technique, because henna stains to both the hairs and the skin. And if you take good care after the treatment the results can be long-lasting. Our love for this treatment runs deep. We even developed our own henna product with the name Dyotics. During the Henna Brows course we’ll guide you through this technique so you can fall in love with it as well. You can also combine this course with threading, which is an advanced shaping technique. Rather learn this shaping technique separately? No worries, that’s also possible!



Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination originated in Russia, but has quickly influenced the entire world. The best to describe this treatment is as a perm for the brows. By combining various lotions in a step by step process, the brow hairs are lifted for a full, natural look. The results can last up to 6 weeks! The image showcases Brow Lamination results by House of Beauty KH.




Online Or At Our Academy?

The material used in the online course is the same as the material that’s used at our Academy. You will learn the same theory, in detail. A starter kit and a certificate to frame is included in both courses. Still there’s a difference between the two types of courses. At our Academy you will practice the theory with guidance of our experienced trainers. How? By performing the treatment on your model. You will receive instant feedback on your work and you will be able to ask questions. If you follow an online course this will be done digitally by WhatsApp, mail or video call. The only question that remains it: what do you prefer?

In Dutch or English

The main language of our courses is Dutch. Are you English speaking? Please send an email to before you book. So together we can search for a date in which the course is held in English.

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