LASH LIFT • Jul 30, 2022

5 Frequently Asked Questions About the Lash Lift

Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift elevation

It's official, the Lash Lift is here to stay: the popularity of the treatment continues to rise and the Lash Lift combines perfectly with a brow treatment. At Mrs.Highbrow, we are always glad to answer your questions that we're receiving daily. So, keep reading for the most frequently asked questions we've gotten lately, and use them to your advantage!

1. The Lash Lift Didn't Work Properly, What Went Wrong?

If the lift and curl from a lash lift treatment are disappointing, there are a couple of things that could cause this: 

  1. You used a lash lift shield that was too large for the length of the lashes. For example, if a client has eyelashes that aren't very long and you use a size L, then the eyelashes may only reach halfway up the lash lift shield, leading to poor results. 

  2. The application / leave-on time was too short for the type of lashes you're working with. A good rule of thumb is that for normal eyelashes the application time is 6-7 minutes, and with stiff lashes 8 minutes.

  3. In some cases, the client's lashes are too short and/or stiff for the lash lift to be successful. At minimum, lashes should have a length of 4 millimeters to work well.

If the likely cause is point 1 or 2, then you can repeat the treatment using a smaller size shield and try 2 to 3 minutes of leave-in time per cream. Don't forget, if the lashes were tinted, you must tint them again!

Mrs.Highbrow Lash lift

2. After Which Step Do You Tint The Eyelashes?

Dyeing the eyelashes during a lash lift treatment is always a nice touch, especially if a client has light lashes, or lashes with lighter tips. For best results, uses black or blue-black eyelash dye!

Typically, Lash Lifting Cream and Setting Cream can make the hairs lighter, which is why we always dye at the end of the treatment, after step 2. We recommend dyeing the eyelashes while they are still on the shields to save time, however one downside to this is that your shields will be discolored by the tint. 

3. Lashes Are Messy After Lash Lift.

After you lifted the lashes, they looked beautiful and your client left the salon overjoyed. But the next day, she calls disappointedly: the lashes look messy.

Messy lashes after a lash elevation can have several causes:

1. The lashes were not glued neatly enough to the rods, but criss-crossed over each other, or glued together groups that were too large. It is so important to always attach the lashes to the lash elevation shield one by one!

2. Another likely cause could be that the lashes are overdeveloped; the soaking time of the creams was too long.

3. And finally, it could be that Lifting Cream 1 was not thoroughly removed before Setting Cream 2 was applied, so the lashes are overdeveloped.

And Now The Solution:

If the lashes are really too tangled, and doing nothing is not an option, the best thing to do is to "relax" the lashes. You can briefly repeat the lash lift process, but without lifting shields:

  1. Apply eyepads over the lower lashes and have your client close their eyes.

  2. Take a microbrush with Lifting Cream Step 1 and apply a generous amount to all lashes.

  3. Using a spoolie, brush the lashes from root to tip, repeating several times until you see that the hairs are straight.

  4. Remove Lifting Cream Step 1 and repeat previous steps with Setting Cream Step 2.

  5. Clean lashes thoroughly with a damp cotton pad and apply Conditioning Oil Step 3 or Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex for extra care, leaving on for 3 minutes.

  6. Rest the lashes for 4 to 6 weeks before reapplying the treatment.

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex

Tip: Provide good aftercare advice in the form of a flyer for your clients to take home.

Mrs.Highbrow has special flyers with aftercare tips to hand out to your client.
Price: €6.95 for 50 pieces, only 14 cents per flyer!

4. How Often Can You Repeat A Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift treatment can be repeated every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the client's natural lash cycle. We advise that you don't do it more often, to avoid over-treating the lashes. This also means: do not treat if there is still some curl from a previous treatment!

The exception to this is when you need to fix a problem, like the lashes may be curled too little, or too much, or with a messy result. If any of these are the case, you may repeat the treatment like we described above. After all, you always want to provide a solution to an unsatisfied customer!

5. The Lashes Loosen From The Shield.

Sometimes you have to deal with lash hairs that do not stick well to the lash lift shield, which can be because you have used too little Adhesive, or because certain hairs are very short. Prevent this by applying an extra strip to the lashes!

Francien Vermeer of First Expression shares a clever tip: "By applying a strip of tape to the lashes, lashes that come loose still remain in the lotion. That way, you'll never have to deal with falling back lashes again."

Online Lash Lift Course

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