Improve Every Lash Lift With The Lash Check

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Are your Lash Lift results sometimes stunning and other times disappointing? There's a good chance something's not right with the setting time. But fear not! Lash and brow expert Francien Vermeer is here to share her ultimate secret to help you out. Introducing the lash check: a simple trick to determine if your lash lift is ready to shine. 

There are fast-acting and slow-acting lash lift products.

The proper application times for thin, normal or thick lashes.

How do you perform the lash check?

In addition to improper soaking time: 4 more common causes of a failed lash elevator.

The Lash Lift is still super popular, and so are our lash lift products. It's been a while since we wrote about this treatment, so it was about time. Especially since new insights keep coming out. But also because of course there are constantly new lash specialists, who often run into the same problems.

Francien Vermeer of First Expression in Hoorn likes to share her ultimate tips with you, so that all your lash lift results will be dazzling from now on. For example, the final check is incredibly important, to see if the creams have soaked in long enough. Francien is Mrs.Highbrow's former head of training and by now a real lash lift pro thanks to her long experience.

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From Slow To Fast Acting Product

Francien: "Every brand of Lash Lift has its own setting times. You can tell from these times whether it's a fast-acting or slow-acting product. A minimum setting time of 3 minutes to a maximum of 6 minutes is considered a fast-acting lash lift product. If the setting time is between 8 to 15 minutes, you're dealing with a slow-acting product. And then there are medium-speed lash lift products that work their magic in 5 to 10 minutes. Fast-acting products are a bit more aggressive, while slow-acting ones are milder in nature."

Francien: "Keep in mind that the setting times are guidelines. The recommended setting times assume thin, normal or thick lashes. But you actually have to look at the condition of the lashes as well."

Mrs.Highbrow offers two different types of products for lash lifts: solutions in bottles with pumps and solutions in pouches. The solutions in pumps are considered medium speed since they are left to work for 5 to 8 minutes, while the solutions in pouches are fast-acting and have an application time of 3 to 8 minutes.

Francien: "The healthier the lashes, the longer the working-in time should be. And the more brittle an eyelash, the faster the product works."

The Right Application Time For A Lash Lift

So to determine the ideal application time, first check the type of lash. Is the lash thin, normal or thick? Based on that, use the following soaking times for steps 1 and 2 when working with Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift products.

Thin lash: 5 minutes

Normal eyelash: 6-7 minutes

Thick eyelash: 8 minutes

Francien: "Please note: are you dealing with a very brittle eyelash? Then the working-in time is shorter, because the product then works much faster. For example: with a super healthy thin eyelash, the recommended 5 minutes is actually too short. Because it is a healthy hair, it takes longer. How can you tell? Healthy hair has a shine and brittle hair is dull.

Helpful Trick: The Lash Check

Of course, it's still difficult to determine exactly what kind of lashes you're dealing with. That's why Francien has a very handy trick for determining when the lotions have soaked in long enough: the lash check. Before the soaking time of step 1, the Lifting Cream, is up, do the following:

  1. Grab 1 hair with pointed pliers or point tweezer. The hairs are glued on, so be careful and perform this gently.

  2. Grab this one hair by the tip and try to bend it down.

  3. Do you see a C curl forming as shown in the photo below? Then the hair is not ready yet and the sulfur bridges in the hair are still closed. You can also feel it when bending it. The hair gives resistance and is not easy to bend. Place the hair back and check again after 30 seconds.

  4. When will you know that the hair is ready? When the hair has become super flexible, it no longer gives resistance and it can be folded in half completely.

"You only do the lash check at step 1," Francien says. "For step 2, the Setting Cream, you follow the instructions in the directions for use. The application time of step 2 is actually always the same as step 1. So make sure you always have 2 alarm clocks handy. One you timet eye 1 and one you timet eye 2. That way you know exactly when to remove step 2.

Lash lift mrs.highbrow

This client had a failed lash lift at another salon, and Francien is going to fix it. Because these lashes had been treated before, they look brittle and therefore dull. For this reason, perform the lash check on time. Rather too early than too late. If the hair is not ready yet you just place it back and repeat the lash check every 30 sec.

Lash lift

The lashes are perfectly attached to the rod. Not in tufts, but hair by hair.

lash lift mrs.highbrow

Step 1, the Lifting Cream, is applied to half to 2/3rds of the lashes. The tips are always left free.

lash lift mrs.highbrow

After 6 minutes, Francien performs the lash check. She tries to bend the lash over and a C curl is created. This means that the eyelash is not yet curled and lifted enough. The Lifting Cream has not yet taken effect long enough and the sulfur bridges are still closed.

lash lift mrs.Highbrow

Now step 1 has sat long enough. Because the hair is flexible and easily folded in half. This means that the sulfur bonds in the hair have been broken.

Lash lift mrs.highbrow

The beautiful result.

More Reasons Why Lash Lifts Fail

The right break-in time is very important, but there are more factors that determine the final result of a lash lift. Here are the 4 most common causes:

  • The products are expired. Mrs.Highbrow's Lash Lift products are good for 3-4 months after opening. After that, step 1 and 2 lose potency. Please note that the pouches should be used within 24 hours of opening.

  • The Lash Lift is repeated too soon after the previous treatment. Wait at least 6 weeks before doing the Lash Lift again, otherwise you will oveprocess the lashes.

  • Client's lashes are too oily or not cleaned properly.

  • You did not remove the different steps properly before starting the next step. This causes the product to continue to work.