Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax is a real powerwax, suitable for face and body. Soft on the skin, but hard on hair. Whether you wax eyebrows, an upper lip or legs. Or armpits or bikini line.

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax removes virtually every hair. Waxing has never been easier, so you can finish a treatment faster and treat more clients in one day. Because Mrs.Highbrow hard Film Wax is very mild, the chance of irritated or red skin is minimal.

New Generation Film Wax

Mrs.Highbrow's Film Wax really belongs to the new generation of wax, which makes depilation of eyebrows or the rest of the body even easier. In addition, the resin also looks super beautiful, in luxurious gold or sea green.

Film Wax Gold

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Gold (formerly Wunderwax) is highly elastic, allowing you to remove the wax without it breaking. This means that no wax residue is left behind on the skin, making treatment quick and easy. Another advantage: you can apply the wax at a low temperature. No more chances of using wax that is too hot.

Film Wax Azulene

Mrs.Highbrow's newest addition: Film Wax Azulene. This sea-green wax is developed for waxing stiff, short hairs. For mild depilation of eyebrows, upper lip, the rest of the face and the whole body. Gentle on the skin, but tough on hair. Film Wax Azulene can be heated at a low temperature, is very liquid and dries very quickly. Already after 2-3 seconds the wax is hard and can be removed.

The Benefits Of Mrs.Highbrow Hard Film Wax

  • Wunderwax is super gentle on the skin

  • Suitable for eyebrows, the rest of the face and entire body

  • Removes virtually every hair

  • You do not need strips

  • Hard Film Wax is easy to apply and remove

Mrs.Highbrow Digital Wax Heater

Mrs.Highbrow wax Gold and Azulene can be heated very easily in a wax heater. Like the classic basic wax pot, or our new addition: the Digital Wax Heater. The Mrs.Highbrow Digital Wax Heater is a luxury wax heater, for hot film wax and heating cans. With a silicone bucket, from which you can easily remove hardened wax residue. Always a clean waxpot, and super economical

How to use Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax

1. Preheat the wax beads. It is important that the hard film wax is not too hot. It should not drip off the spatula.

2. Clean the skin with Pre Epilation Gel to degrease the skin and remove residue from cosmetic products.

3. Apply a thin layer of wax while applying light pressure with the spatula. Do not make the film layer too thin; you will need a tab at the end to remove the wax.

4. Let the wax sit for 2 seconds (Film Wax Azulene) to 6 seconds (Film Wax Gold). Once the wax no longer sticks to your fingers, you can remove it.

5. Tighten the skin and pull the wax off in one smooth motion, low across the skin, in the opposite direction of application.

6. After the job is done: condition the skin with After Epilation Gel to minimize redness.

Online Browstyling Course

Would you like to learn all the tricks of the trade using Mrs. Highbrow's tried and tested waxing method? Then order the online Browstylist course.