BROW HENNA • Aug 09, 2021

9 Tips To Improve Your Henna Brow Game

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Sometimes the simplest tricks can make a world of a difference, so we're sharing 9 tips to create even more beautiful Henna Brows. 

1. Clean Brows

As brow henna doesn't take well to an oily surface, it's very important that there are no traces of creams or makeup on the skin, so clean thoroughly! Begin with a makeup remover followed by Dyotics Skin Prep Lotion, and be sure to dry completely afterwards, as the henna will not be absorbed if the skin is still damp. 

2. Prepare The Brow Henna

Once the henna has been prepared, leave the paste to stand for 5-10 minutes so that it can develop properly and allow any grains to dissolve better. If you were to skip the wait and start coloring straight away, the henna can sometimes have a slightly greenish glow, especially cooler shades like Taupe or Ash Brown. For this reason it's also important to mix the henna with warm water so the paste will develop more quickly! 

3. The Best Tools

Good tools are half the battle! Make sure you have good brushes so that you can draw tight lines and apply the henna flawlessly. If you're using an older brush with hairs that have grown wider apart, you'll never be able to create a perfect henna brow. Good quality brushes last a long time, but you will need to renew them regularly. Our range of brushes include a special henna brush (€ 11) to work very precisely or the Angled Brush (€ 12) if you prefer working with a larger brush. 

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4. Shape First

We know everyone has their own technique, but from our experience we recommend shaping first and then applying the henna. If you start out with a taut shape and there are no stray hairs getting in the way, you can create a much tighter shape. Do try to stay in the lines you've created as much as possible and don't paint outside the lines, as you'd be applying henna on skin that's just been waxed or treated and this could cause irritation!

5. An Organized Workplace

It's no secret that you can work much better when your workspace is tidy and you've got everything you need at hand. It's time consuming to get up and refill your cotton pads all the time or track down your favorite brush; your time is better spent perfecting the pair of brows you're working on. The Dyotics Workstation is a no-brainer, as it keeps all your things in one place and looks nice and polished to boot! 

6. Use Brow Contour Paste

Contour Paste (€10) creates a barrier between the eyebrow and the skin, prevents the brow henna from running, and keeps the lines taut. You can apply the paste freehand with our special Highlighting / Contour brush (€12,39), just moisten your brush and dab it into the jar! Start by drawing the contours of the eyebrows in one tight line, and depending on your client's preference, you can make the edge a little bit thicker. Do you find creating straight lines difficult? Try first stamping straight lines with Brow Mapping String (€ 13,95), which is a thin thread that is already pre-colored with white ink and leaves a white line when you press it on the skin. Whatever method you choose, proceed with applying your brow henna once you've outlined the brows! 

7. The Right Ratio

When shaping eyebrows, you can pretty much rely on just five straight lines: top, bottom, the beginning of the brow, and top and bottom of the tail. Keep in mind the following "rules":

  1. Eyebrows should not be too far apart! If the start of the eyebrows are too far apart, it will not suit your client's facial expression.
  2. The highest point of the eyebrow, the arch should be placed as far to the side as possible! Assume a 70-30 ratio; in other words, the longest part of the eyebrow is about 70%, the tail is 30%.
  3. The tail is not too long, which may cause a droopy effect.
  4. Use straight lines!

8. Ombré Effect

Ombré is a French word meaning "shadow'. In the world of eyebrows, the ombré effect means applying the henna paint from light to dark, or creating a beautiful color build-up from almost nothing to increasingly darker. Achieve this look by leaving the henna on for at least 10 minutes, but 20 minutes is even better. For the best effect, remove the henna from the roots after 5 to 10 minutes with a cotton pad damp with tap water. As the hairs at the beginning of the brow may be more sparse for many clients, this area could become lighter faster. If this is the case, you can stick with the normal application time.

Read more about the best ombré techniques here.

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9. Exude Confidence!

Last but not least, clients don't want to sit in the chair of an insecure specialist, so perform your treatments with confidence and proudly show the client the results of your efforts! If you don't believe that you have just made something beautiful, why should your client? Your confidence and enthusiasm will radiate to your clients. 
Are you still a bit unsure about your skills? Do you need some additional training? Order the Online Course Henna Brows for only € 209, including Dyotics Brow Henna Master Kit worth € 179.