WAXING • Jul 25, 2022

NEW! Azulene Wax: For Fast & Gentle Waxing

Azulene Wax

NEW! We are proud to introduce the newest addition to our power waxing family: Mrs.Highbrow Azuleen Film Wax, which is perfect for experienced brow specialists who want to work even faster and more efficiently. This new wax dries quickly and can be removed in seconds, as it's super strong, and so powerful that it removes the smallest hairs and even stubble!

- By Desi van Dijk

Mrs.Highbrow Azuleen Film Wax is not only the best wax for styling eyebrows and the rest of the face, like the upper lip, temples and jawline, but it's perfect really for effortless hair removal of the whole body. Think: legs, bikini line and armpits. This wax is the literal queen of removing short hairs and stubble.

Azulene Film Wax is especially perfect for experienced specialists as it has a very short hardening time; after 2-3 seconds it is dry and you can remove it! This allows you as a specialist to carry out your treatments even faster and work better in a tight schedule.

Because of this, it's important that you know exactly what you are doing. Azulene Film Wax hardens so quickly that a mistake is not easily corrected, and the wax is more fluid than other types of wax like Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Gold, so caution is advised! It's important that you feel confident enough in your work to apply the wax.

If you have been using Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Gold for a while and have mastered it, the Azuleen Wax is the best next step to make treatments even easier and more efficient for you as a brow pro.

What Is Azulene?

Azulene is an oil-soluble active ingredient of the chamomile flower, an herbal plant best known for its calming properties. Because of this, products containing azulene have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which is why it's found in so many beauty products! As you might have guessed, the name comes from the Spanish word "azul", which means blue. Hence, the teal color of Mrs.Highbrow Azuleen Film Wax!

Mrs.Highbrow Film Waz azuleen waxen

From Brows To Body

Azulene Film Wax is applied with a spatula, just like Mrs.Highbrow Gold Film Wax. It's is slightly more fluid and therefore it's perfect for the experienced brow stylist. Use a spatula in size small for under and above the eyebrows, a spatula in size medium for the rest of the face and a spatula in size L for upper lip, the rest of the face and body.

The most innovative feature of Mrs.Highbrow Azuleen Film Wax is that the wax hardens in almost no time! Within 3 seconds, the wax has dried and you can remove it immediately. And an added bonus? You don't need any strips! The wax is removed in the same way as Film Wax Gold. Make sure you don't spread the wax too thinly so that you'll have enough grip to remove the hardened wax.

In no time, you'll have the eyebrows in the right shape and you can proceed to the tinting or lamination process! Azulene Film Wax is also great for armpits and the bikini line, because it's an absolute master of removing short hairs and stubble.

"Azulene Film Wax is super fast and effective. Within no time I'm done waxing."

Mrs.Highbrow digital wax heater silicon bucket

Silicone Bucket For Film Wax Azulene

It is best to heat Azulene Film Wax in the Mrs.Highbrow Digital Wax Heater, a deluxe wax heater especially suited for hot film wax thanks to its silicone bucket from which you can easily remove hardened wax residue. You'll always have a clean waxpot, and it's so cost effective! You can simply push out the hardened film wax, making it so you can easily change the wax. You no longer have to wrestle unnecessarily with the removal of old wax residue from an aluminum pot, which saves so much of your precious time.

The silicone bucket is heat-resistant and ensures that it heats the wax evenly on all sides. Once your old wax has cooled, you can push the wax right out, so you're left with a plaque of old wax and a clean bucket! The old wax can be used again whenever you need it next. The kicker? Because you can get the old wax out in an instant, your digital wax heater will always look like new!

The Right Pre & After Care

Besides choosing the right wax, pre and after care is also extremely important. With this in mind, we've developed two products with that will benefit not just every wax treatment, but more importantly, the skin.

Get Set Pre Epilation Gel and the Cool Down After Epilation Gel are a perfect duo to use in combination with our new Film Wax in Azulene and Gold Film Wax, as well as before or after threading.

  • Get Set is a refreshing gel from Mrs.Highbrow that cleanses the skin thoroughly but gently. It's the perfect preparation for waxing or threading the eyebrows or the entire face or body.

  • Cool Down is a cooling gel with menthol that gives a fresh and tingly feeling, perfect for after waxing or threading. In addition, Cool Down After Epilation Gel combats redness and inflamed hair follicles. Will you be tinting eyebrows afterwards? Make sure there is no more Cool Down on the hairs!

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Azuleen

The Benefits Of Azulene Film Wax

Here's the TLDR: All the benefits of Mrs.Highbrow Azuleen Film Wax in one place.

  • The wax beads come in a convenient and luxurious box of 500 grams.

  • It's made especially for short hair and stubble.

  • Perfect for use on the eyebrows, the rest of the face or the whole body.

  • The wax contains azulene, which is soothing and anti-inflammatory.

  • Azulene Film Wax dries quickly, which means that a treatment takes even less time!