HENNA BROWS • Apr 18, 2024

Au secours, les sourcils au henné ont échoué !

We've written about it many times: Henna Brows. But since Brow Henna is still one of our bestsellers, and new brow lovers are constantly are joining us, we can't provide enough information about it. Therefore, we have gathered the best tips & tricks to solve henna failures quickly and simply.

- By Desi van Dijk

1. Henna Brows Are Way Too Dark

Henna Brows that have turned out way too dark. This can have several causes.

Cause Too Dark Henna Brows:

  • You may have left the Brow Henna on too long. The best soaking time is between 15 and 20 minutes An exception are very light and porous brows with almost no pigment. These hairs absorb the Brow Henna like a sponge, so they can be quite dark after only 5 minutes.

  • It could also be the case that you used too dark a color. Especially when a client is getting Henna Brows for the first time, it is important not to start with a shade that is too dark. Honey is the lightest color, followed by Taupe.

Solution Too Dark Henna Brows

  • Try brightening the brows a bit with Tint Remover. Apply a few drops of Tint Remover to a cotton pad and rub over the brows several times. You won't get several shades lighter Henna Brows, but lightening them slightly often works.

  • Exfoliate the brows. You can do this at the salon. Or ask your client to do this immediately upon returning home. Exfoliating the brows will instantly lighten the Henna Brows because you are removing the color from the skin with it.
  • In the extreme case - if your client is really very dissatisfied - lighten the brows with bleech. For example, with Blonde from Refectocil. This removes the color not only from the skin, but also from the hairs. Prepare the bleech paste and apply with a brush to the eyebrows. After 5 minutes, remove it with a damp cotton pad and check the result. Continue until you have the desired result. Be really careful though, because if you leave the blonde on too long, the eyebrows may turn red and then you are even further from home.

Hopefully these tips will help Henna Brows get rid of their too-dark color faster. In any case, what does not help is to use a lighter henna color to re-dye the brows.

Dyotics mrs.Highbrow Brow henna Brows

2. Henna Brows Are Way Too Light

Henna Brows may also turn out much lighter than you would expect.

Cause Too Light Henna Brows:

  1. In this case, you probably used too light a color. Or you left the henna on too short, causing the brow and skin to not take the color optimally.

  2. Another cause could be that the skin was not cleaned properly. Often you will not see this effect directly at your salon, but the client will not be able to enjoy the henna brows for as long. It is therefore important that you properly clean and degrease the skin and the brows. For example, use the Treatment Enhancer or/or Skin Prep Lotion.

  3. It is also possible that the client has a rather oily skin. On this skin type the Brow Henna does not work well. You often see that the hairs are colored dark, but that the imprint on the skin is minimal.

  4. Does a client have very few eyebrow hairs? Even then the result of the Henna Brows will never be as dark as you would like. This is because Brow Henna does not pick up on skin where there is (almost) no hair, resulting in a very light result.

Solution Too Light Henna Brows:

  • If the Henna Brows have turned out much too light, you may reapply the henna. Normally, we recommend leaving a few weeks between treatments, but if the henna did not take well, it may be reapplied. Tip: be sure to check on a small area every now and then to see if the henna is now picking up properly.

  • Does a client have very oily skin or almost no eyebrow hairs? Unfortunately, a second dye is not going to help. Advise this client a nice eyebrow pencil, which she can use to touch up her eyebrows.

  • For next time: apply the henna with Treatment Enhancer instead of water. You'll see that this makes the color more intense.

Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer

3. Henna Brows Have a Green Glow

Just after the treatment, the brows may appear to have a green glow. Do not immediately shoot into stress, because this is not a failure! In fact, the original Indian henna powder is naturally green. However, you can observe a few steps.

Solution Green Glow:

  • Make sure the henna juice stands long enough after it is mixed. This allows the henna to develop into a beautiful brown color.

  • Leave the Brow Henna on the brows long enough. Keep 15-20 minutes (slightly shorter for lighter brows). This will ensure that the henna develops into a nice brown color on the skin and brows as well.

  • And lastly; reassure your client if the brows still have a slightly green glow. This will be gone as soon as your client gets home!

Mrs.Highbrow Henna Brows

Prevent Brow Failures

To avoid these failures, it is important that you properly follow the steps for Henna Brows. To refresh your knowledge, below we conveniently repeat all the steps again!

#1 Clean the brows

It is important to thoroughly clean the brows beforehand. Make sure there is no makeup residue left in or around the brows. After removing makeup residue, it is important to additionally clean the brows with Skin Prep Lotion and/or Treatment Enhancer.

#2 Choose the right color.

In agreement with the client, determine the right color for the Henna Brows. It is important - especially with a first-time client - that you do not choose a color that is too dark. Next, create the Brow Henna. You can choose to prepare the henna with Treatment Enhancer. This allows your client to enjoy the result even longer.

#3 Shape the brows

Before a henna treatment, you can shape the brows by waxing or threading them. Both techniques can be used prior to a henna brow treatment. It's whatever you or the client likes!

#4 Outline the Brows

To ensure that Henna Brows become super sleek, you can outline them with Mapping Thread or Brow Contour Paste. You can read exactly how to do that in this blog post!

#5 Apply the Brow Henna

Now it's time to apply the henna. Are you already an experienced specialist? Then you can get started confidently. Not so familiar with Henna Brows yet? Then follow our Online Course in Henna Brows where you will learn all the tricks of the trade. To create an ombré effect, you can remove the roots after about 7 minutes. Let the rest of the henna sit for 15-20 minutes.

#6 Ready!

Yes, you have given your client a beautiful look with Henna Brows. After the treatment, you can look at the henna brows (together with the client) to see if you are satisfied. Not completely satisfied? Then read back to the beginning of this blog post on how to fix the most common failures.

Online cursus henna brows mrs.highbrow dyotics

Online Course Henna Brows

If you are not yet familiar with Henna Brows or if you want to learn the tricks of the trade, then our Henna Brows Online Course is perfect for you. In this online course you will learn all the ins & outs at your own pace, after which you can start working with confidence.

The online course Henna Brows includes: