HENNA BROWS • Jan 17, 2022

Henna In The Mix

Picture Henna In The Mix

Dyōtics henna comes in six different colours, all of which can be mixed together. But how do you do that exactly? And how thick should your henna be? We're breaking it down. 

- By Desi van Dijk

First of all, it's important that henna has the right consistency, ensuring that the henna can be absorbed into the skin properly and that the effect is as optimal as possible. Each box or starter kit from Dyōtics contains a measuring spoon and a pipette. For two 'normal' eyebrows you need 1 scoop of henna, which you mix with 12-15 drops of warm to hot tap water. If someone has larger brows, you may need 1.5 to 2 scoops. Remember that if you double the scoop of henna, you also double the drops of water! Stir well until you have an even paste, which should not be too watery, but definitely not too thick either. If it drips off the brush easily, it is definitely too thin, and if the mixture does not spread well? It's too thick! As a rule of thumb, you can compare the mixture with the consistency of mayonnaise. Is your henna mixture still a little too thick? You can always add some extra drops of water as needed, and you can always do this during the treatment as well if you notice that the mixture starts to dry a little.

For a clear step-by-step explanation of how to achieve the perfect thickness, you can also read our blog about the perfect mix.

Mixing to achieve the perfect colour

As our range of Dyōtics henna consists of 6 different colours and can be mixed, it is suitable for every single client! When you begin a treatment, it is important to clearly discuss the client's wishes. Is this the first time the client tries henna, and do they not want their brows to be too dark? Or is the client a henna fanatic knows that they want big, dark henna brows? You never know what your client will want, so before you start it's important to discuss it so there can be no misunderstandings!

Dyotics Henna All colors

And now for the fun part: creating the perfect colour for your client. Although the shades are ready to use straight from the jar, you can always play around with them and mix a personalized color for each client! After discussing your client's wishes, get to work, but don't make it too difficult for yourself and limit yourself to mixing a maximum of 2 colors. Remember that the different colours of henna together should still add up to 1 scoop and observe the ratio of henna to water!

"With the Brow Henna from Dyōtics you can create a unique and matching colour for every client".

Want to go for a slightly warmer tone? Add a little Hazelnut to the henna. Dyōtics henna has 5 cooler shades and 1 warmer shade: Hazelnut. This colour is also perfect for true redheads.

Another great combination is Honey mixed with Taupe, Natural Brown or Ash Brown. Mix Honey with Taupe for a beautiful, slightly darker blonde shade. Honey and Natural Brown together create a warm brown soft color. With Ash Brown you can make Honey more intense, with a cool undertone.

Curious about more information and examples of mixing the perfect colour? Maybe the Expert module Dyōtics Colour Theory is the course for you! This training is now available for only €19 and you will receive a handwritten certificate after completing the course!

In the Mix

Dyōtics Brow Henna is suitable for every client, because you can mix every color you could possibly need. Our ambassadors worldwide are experts in this! We've listed some beautiful examples for your inspiration.
For these brows we mixed the colors Taupe, Natural Brown & Ash Brown from Dyōtics. Photo: @_e.louisebeauty


The colors Honey & Natural Brown are mixed here to create a warm brown tone. Photo: @carrie.bohemebrowbar

Dyotics Henna in the Mix Carrie

Wow! The colors Ash Brown & Raven are mixed here to come up with the perfect color. Photo: @jessicasaysellaesthetics

Dyotics Henna In The Mix Jessica

For these brows, only the color Hazelnut was used. This color is perfect to give a warmer touch. Photo: @beauty_by_kelsey.