LASH LIFT • Aug 27, 2022

When to Use Which Lash Lift Shield?

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You already know that Lash Lift shields come in sizes from XS to XL, but do you know how to choose the right size Lash Lift shield for each client? Keep reading for our tips and tricks!

- By Desi van Dijk

Lash Lift shields - also called 'rods' - are made of flexible silicone, ensuring that the lash lift shield is comfortable for a client. The goal of every Lash Lift is to create a beautiful look by lifting the lashes and getting a nice curl in them. And we love it! That's why we love to tell you how to choose the right lash elevator shield for each client and create the most beautiful eyes.

With the right size of Lash Lift Shield you can create the most beautiful eyes for each client.

Different Types Of Lash Lift Shields

Mrs.Highbrow offers two types of Lash Lift Shields.

First, we have the standard lifting rods, from size XS to XL. So 5 different sizes, so you can provide every client with the perfect curl. These transparent shields can be ordered for €5,95 for 5 pairs. These lifting rods are also included in the Lash Elevation Kit.

We also recently introduced our new, and already bestselling Lash Lift Shield Soft & Easy. This green Lash Lift Shield is available in 4 sizes, from S to XL. The rods have a revolutionary shape and stay in place without Adhesive. You can order these lash elevator shields for €16,95. Want more info on this latest lash elevator shield? Then read this blog post!

Lash Lift Shield Normal

Lash Lift Shield Soft & Easy

Why You Need The Right Size Lash Lift Shield?

Choosing the right size lash elevator shield is essential for perfectly lifted lashes. Because if you use a too large shield on short lashes, the lash will not curl properly. And if you use a too small shield on too long lashes, then the lashes will curl too deeply or there will be a kink in the lashes. For both types of lash elevator shields Mrs.Highbrow offers, M is the most commonly used size.

So to determine the right lash elevator shield look at the natural lashes. Short lashes benefit from size XS or S. Very long lashes benefit from size L and XL. And then you also look at the eyelids; the shield must fit well on the eyelid.

A rule you can follow is: the smaller the shield, the bigger the elevator and the more intense the effect. Of course you want a nice look, but a too dramatic effect where the lashes come against the eyelids is not something a client likes. So make sure the lash elevator shield is positioned correctly on the natural lash fringe to achieve the best result.

Lash lift shield shields

How to Choose the Right Size?

  1. Place the lash elevator shield tightly against the lash line.

  2. Take a microbrush or lash elevator tool and see how far the natural lashes come up on the shield.

  3. The lashes should come up to the top, but should not extend above it.

  4. If the lashes do come up to over the edge, take a size smaller.

  5. Do the lashes only come halfway up the shield? Then take a size larger.

You may notice that most clients need a small or medium shield. Most lashes have a natural length of 8 to 11 mm. Do you choose the smallest lash elevator shield? Then keep in mind that you will create the most intense effect. Always communicate this well with the client in the beginning.

Lash lift shield shields soft easy mrs.Highbrow

Take Your Time

In the beginning it will take some time to perfect the application of the shields. You want to apply them as close to the lash line as possible. It can sometimes feel like you're applying shields even to the lash line. But when you apply lashes with the Adhesive to the shield, you will find yourself gently pulling them over it.

Lash Lift

Common Lash Lift Mistakes

As a beauty pro, even you will not always be 100% satisfied with your Lash Lift. What could have happened? We've listed the 3 most common problems.

  1. The lashes are tousled or curled too deeply.
    - This may indicate that you used too much product. This can happen if, for example, you didn't remove Step 1 Lifting Cream properly before moving on to Step 2 Setting Cream. The lifting process then continues.
    - You may have left the product on too long.
    - You may have used a shield that was too small, causing the curl to be too deep. In this case, choose a larger shield for next time.

  2. The lashes have a kink.
    Then you have probably used a too small lash elevator shield. Take a larger size next time.

  3. The lashes do not curl properly.
    This can have several causes.
    - Makeup residue has not been removed properly; the product has therefore not taken hold properly.
    - It is also possible that the application time was too short.
    - Or perhaps the products have expired. Mrs.Highbrow Lash Elevation products have a shelf life of 3 to 4 months after opening. After that time, the active ingredients are less strong.

Tape To Hold Lashes In Place

Sometimes the application of the lotions causes the lashes to detach from the lash elevator shield. To prevent this, you can apply a small piece of tape to the lashes after applying the lotion.

How to proceed. Apply the lash elevator shield in the correct way as you always do. So as close to the lash line as possible. After applying Cream 1, apply a small piece of tape horizontally to the bottom of the lashes. After the soaking time has elapsed, remove the tape and remove the Cream.

The same ritual applies to step 2. After step 2, you have the option to dye the lashes. Below you can see how to attach the tape horizontally.

Lash Lift Shield Tape