BUSINESS • Nov 16, 2022

How To Sell Eyebrow Makeup

As a beauty specialist, what's one tried & true way that you can increase your sales? By not just offering treatments, but products like eyebrow pencils or brow gel, too! We're sharing our best tips to help you successfully sell to your clients:

- By Desi van Dijk

Contrary to what you might think, selling products already begins as soon as a customer enters the shop! This is doubly true with a new customer, as it's important that you give a good first impression and show your skills. You can do this in the following ways:

1. Start by showing that you take the customer seriously and ask what products he or she uses, just like a hairdresser often does. By doing this before or at the beginning of the treatment, you already show that not only are you an expert, you care about your client.

2. During the treatment, talk about the makeup you offer. It doesn't have to feel like a sales pitch, try telling some stories of good customer experiences with the makeup. As a specialist, you and your regular customers have probably experienced quite a lot with these products, so it's the perfect opportunity to share! Use your time well during every treatment.

3. Be sure you don't push too much! It must feel natural and fit with the flow of your conversation. If you notice that the customer doesn't seem to be into talking about the products you offer or what they do, don't force it!

Sell The Whole Look

Your customers aren't buying a "new eyebrow" or just a pencil from you, they're actually buying the whole look. They just want to feel confident & beautiful with the Henna Brow or Brow Lamination treatment you did or the makeup you offer. This is why it's so important that you finish off every look after a treatment with makeup - just having makeup on display doesn't work. A customer will only get excited about a pencil when she sees how it great looks on her ;)

What if your client is only coming for a threading treatment? Show that by using a Pro Powder Pencil and a Brow Gel you can shape their brows perfectly, and you've given them a completely new look, and it's the look they want every day. Knowing this, show the customer which makeup products you use, so she can easily create it at home.

Tip: by giving the customer a mirror in her hand at the end, she can see exactly how and with what makeup you finish the look.

You Are the Expert

Always remember, you're the expert and the customer will trust you when it comes to beauty. It's the exact same way when you're at the hairdresser's - she can advise you best on which shampoo to use and which products are hydrating for your hair!

It works the same way in our field. You'll probably see immediately how you want to address your client's eyebrows, so share this with your client! The more enthusiastically you talk about treatments or products, the more convincing and attractive they'll be.

A beautiful display is key

A beautiful presentation of your products is extremely important to make the products even more attractive, so a beautiful display for your products is key! At Mrs.Highbrow, we understand this all too well, which is why we made sure that not only is the display a perfect presentation, it's incredinbly convenient to have all your makeup together.

The Mrs.Highbrow makeup display is a gorgeous eye-catcher in your salon. But remember: just having the display isn't enough, you'll need to actually apply the products on your clients.

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Keratin Complex

So not only can you sell brow makeup, another perfect product to sell is the Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex. This is a luxurious treatment that nourishes and protects the eyelashes and eyebrows. You can use Keratin Complex in your treatments, or sell it to your clients to take home with them! 

Keratin Complex is an ideal self-care product that gives the brows and lashes the care they need. Use Keratin Complex during the treatment, and afterwards sell the product for €38.95 (including tax/VAT) so your client can give better care to her eyelashes and eyebrows in between treatments.

Do you want to resell Keratin Complex to your clients? If you order 10 tubes, you'll receive a 40% discount and pay €19,20 per tube! The recommended retail price is € 38,95 (including tax/VAT).


To sum it up:

Remember the following points to give your sales a boost!

  • Ask during treatments what eyebrow products your client uses
  • Talk about your products and customer experiences
  • Show what products you would recommend
  • Share products enthusiastically and convincingly
  • Make sure you present the makeup beautifully in a display