Beautiful Brows & Lashes With Keratin Complex

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex is a super conditioning serum. it's formulated with a potent blend of keratin and nourishing ingredients that provide unparalleled strength and nourishment to lashes and brows. And that's not all - you can also resell it and elevate your sales with ease. Transform your clients' brow and lash game and boost your business.

Due to chemical treatments, external influences and makeup, among other things, the keratin content in the eyelashes and eyebrows decreases, which reduces the quality of the hairs.

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex is a luxurious treatment that ensures lashes and eyebrows become stronger again.

Add Keratin Complex to your salon treatments, or resell it. This leads to happier customers and boosts your sales.

Keratin, a natural building block, is essential for the health of our eyebrows and eyelashes. This protein is naturally found in our bodies and serves as the primary structural element for these hair strands.
Our eyebrows and eyelashes are made up of a hair root and shaft, with keratin constituting nearly 90% of the shaft. This highlights the crucial role keratin plays in maintaining their structure, strength, and lustrous shine.

Unfortunately, factors like chemical treatments, external influences, and the use of makeup can lead to a decrease in keratin levels. When the balance is disrupted and keratin deficiency occurs, our eyebrows and eyelashes can become weak, fragile, and even experience hair loss.

The Power Of Keratin Complex

To supplement the shortage of keratin, we offer Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex. With the help of this product, in the form of a luxury serum, we can artificially replenish the lost keratin so that eyebrow hairs and eyelashes become stronger and healthier, and therefore smoother and shinier.

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex goes beyond just fortifying the hair - it also guarantees more successful treatments. Because let's face it: the healthier the hair, the more effective a Lash Lift, Brow Lamination, or Henna Brows treatment will be. With its replenishing properties and ability to restore lost keratin, Keratin Complex is the ultimate product to create a sturdy foundation for stunning lashes and brows.

With Keratin Complex, you contribute to improving your clients' eyebrows and eyelashes. A valuable addition to treatments!

How Do You Use Keratin Complex During Treatments?

Keratin Complex is a valuable product that plays an important role in both Brow Lamination and Lash Lift treatments.

During a Brauenlaminierung treatment, you can use Keratin Complex after step 2 of the process. Simply apply the product using a spoolie. If you also want to dye lashes during Brow Lamination, use Keratin Complex after dyeing. Leave the product on; there is no need to remove it. In this way, you contribute to healthier brows of your clients.

After completing step 2 of a Wimpernlifting, you have the option to utilize Keratin Complex. This involves applying the product after tinting the lashes. Simply use a spoolie to gently apply Keratin Complex, allowing it to absorb into the lashes. There's no need to remove the product. This additional step will contribute to the overall health and well-being of your clients' eyelashes.

How Much Can You Charge Extra?

Of course you charge a little extra when you start using Keratin Complex. After all, you have to buy the product. You can choose the following options.

  • Include Keratin Complex as standard in your Brow Lamination & Lash Lift treatments, and raise the price slightly. You can then call the treatment a Keratin Lash Lift or Keratin Brow Lift, for example, and charge an additional fee of €5 to €7.50. Clients then do not have to opt for this, but automatically get Keratin Complex added. So their brows and lashes automatically get that extra care!

  • You offer Keratin Complex as an extra treatment, and clients decide if they want it added. Similar to how you can offer dyeing the lashes or brows as an option during a Lash or Brow Lift. For this additional treatment you can also charge from €5. Keep in mind that people are less likely to choose this because it costs extra money. If you offer it extra, then they won't have a choice, but will end up being very satisfied customers because their brows and/or lashes will improve so much.

You can make almost €200 profit with 1 vial of Keratin Complex!

This Is How Much Extra Profit You Make

Let's determine the potential earnings from offering Keratin Treatments.

A bottle of Keratin Complex costs €28.95 and provides approximately 30 treatments. Assuming you charge an additional €5 per treatment, you can earn €150. This results in a profit of €121.05 per bottle. If you charge €7.50, your profit will be a substantial €196.05!

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex wenkbrauwen wimpers lashes eyebrows

Boost your sales by starting to sell Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex in your salon.

Even if you only sell one vial per day, that means an extra profit of between €348 and €447 per month!

Also Possible: Sell Keratin Complex

It is even more beneficial if customers provide their lashes and/or brows with a keratin boost on a daily basis. Therefore, Keratin Complex is not only suitable for use during your treatments, but you can also offer it for resale to your clients, enabling them to take care of their lashes and/or brows at home.

When you order 10 vials of Keratin Complex, you will receive a whopping 40% discount! Instead of €28.95, you pay only €17.35 per vial.

The suggested retail price for Keratin Complex ranges from €35 to €39, VAT included. Considering the purchase price of €17.35 excluding VAT, this implies a potential earning of approximately €11.60 to €14.90 per customer. Even if you only sell one vial per day, this equates to an additional profit of approximately €348 to €447 per month!

Order 10 vials today and give your salon a boost in profits and satisfied customers!