From Popular Browbar To The Brand For Pros.

Mrs.Highbrow. Pioneer Since 2010. Founded by Ska van Buren as the first real Browbar of the Netherlands, in the Amsterdam Pijp area, today a household name among eyebrow specialists. With high quality products to perform the best treatments.

"We love to help you grow your business. With the best products and advice"

Ska worked as an end and beauty editor for magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. But instead of wanting to write about fashion and beauty, her hands were itching to tackle eyebrows. It had occurred to her what a few good brows could do for your looks, when so far little attention had been paid to them. She trained for pmu and decided to focus solely on eyebrows. And that caught on. Soon clients from all over the Netherlands and abroad found their way to the salon.

"All that pioneering has given Mrs.Highbrow a wealth of experience. We have become wise by doing. We've incorporated it all into our unique training and products. And now you can benefit nicely from that."