• Apr 11, 2022

The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lamination

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Lamination wenkbrauwen

Brow Lamination, what a keeper! When it comes to brows, bold & beautiful is always on trend! To help you carry out the treatment with extra confidence, we've listed the most frequently asked questions for you.

- By Desi van Dijk

Even if you have mastered the Brow Lamination treatment, we've noticed from the DMs we receive daily at Mrs.Highbrow that sometimes questions remain. It's a good idea to go through the most frequently asked questions about Brow Lamination, especially if you're looking to add the treatment to your salon! Here's a look at some questions we've received from other specialists in the past few weeks.

1. For which customer is Brow Lamination suitable?

Brow Lamination is suitable for any client with medium to long length brow hairs that are unruly, stubborn or bent down slightly. Brow Lamination is not suitable for very thin or short eyebrow hairs. However, hairs that have a strong downward growth direction are also difficult to laminate. Your job as a specialist is to properly advise the client, so it's best to be honest when a Brow Lamination treatment is not possible. Not only will it be appreciated, you'll avoid a disappointing result.

2. When is Brow Lamination a no-go?

Not every eyebrow is suitable for a Brow Lamination, and not every face! You should not perform a Brow Lamination if:

  • The eyebrow hairs are very thin or short (see photo on the left);
  • The hairs are very stiff and have a downward growth direction (see picture on the right);
  • The face is very asymmetrical. The brows will then attract too much attention;
  • The customer has many wrinkles and lines on their face. Older people benefit more from a tighter brow, to create calmness in the face;
  • The skin is very irritated or severe acne;
  • The customer is pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • The client has recently had PMU done.


3. Can you combine Brow Lamination with Henna Brows?

Although we see these treatments are combined more and more frequently, we don't recommend it. Both treatments are a chemical process, so combining them runs the risk of over-treating the eyebrows. Not only can it have a negative effect on the hairs, the skin can become irritated. In addition, we find it much more beautiful to choose a henna brow or a lifted brow. If you choose a Brow Lamination where the focus is on the hairs and you also dye the skin, then the effect is very bold. Do you want to dye just the hairs themselves? Then go for regular eyebrow tint, such as Refectocil or a lighter color Bronsun. Remember, dye the hairs after step 2 in the Brow Lamination process. But beware: because the hairs are already treated, they absorb the color faster. Therefore, leave the tint on for only 5 minutes at most!

4. Do the products have an expiration date?

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Lamination Cream 1 and 2 unfortunately have a limited shelf life. After you open a bottle, it slowly loses its effectiveness. After opening the products can be used for 3 to 4 months.

5. How often can you repeat the Brow Lamination treatment?

We recommend the Brow Lamination treatment no more than once every 6 to 8 weeks. The desired effect lasts for 4 to 6 weeks, so your client need not worry about having anything less than amazing brows. If you repeat the treatment sooner than 6 weeks, you're affecting the eyebrow hairs too much. Give the brows enough time to catch their breath again! Recommend Brow Soap or Styling Gel to the client in between treatments to maintain the brushed-up effect.

6. Do brow hairs get weaker from Brow Lamination?

If you make sure the hairs have enough time between treatments and don't repeat the treatment sooner than 6 to 8 weeks, there is nothing to worry about. Although Brow Lamination is a chemical process, Mrs.Highbrow has carefully selected products that are as natural as possible.

7. How does the client enjoy the brushed-up effect for as long as possible?

Brow Lamination gives you a perfectly lifted brow for weeks, but it doesn't happen by itself. The client will need to brush the brows up every morning with a brow brush, as they are not quite on point after sleeping. The client can also use brow soap or brow gel to give the hairs that extra push upwards. It is also important to indicate in advance that the client may not get her brows wet for the first 24 hours after treatment and may not use eyebrow makeup! This is crucial for the effect to last as long as possible.

8. Do you always need Adhesive?

In some cases you can omit Brow Lamination Adhesive, which saves you a lot of time. This can be done in the following cases.

  • With thin to normal eyebrow hair. If hairs are very stiff, you really do need Adhesive.
  • The hairs must be reasonably long.
  • The eyebrows must have a normal density. If a brow is very full, it works better with Adhesive.

Want to read more about Brow Lamination without Adhesive? Read this blog.

9. Can clients wear makeup immediately after the brow lamination?

It is important to leave the brows alone for the first 24 hours, giving the brows time to let the products of the Brow Lamination treatment do their job. After these 24 hours, the client can put her brows back on with makeup, should she wish to do so. It's so important that you as a specialist do not apply makeup after the treatment, even if you notice bare spots in the brows!

10. What is the best insider tip for the perfect brow lift?

A combed tooth pick (available at the drugstore) is a lifesaver in the brow lamination process. After the first cream has had time to set, you can easily remove the product with it. Check out our tutorial below to see how we use this trick!

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