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Eyebrow Trends In The Past 50 Years

Mrs.Highbrow Wenkbrauw Trends

The beauty world has been obsessed with eyebrows for many a year. Whether you look at the brows that pass by on the catwalk, on social media or on celebrities, there is a lot of attention on the eyebrow. Mrs.Highbrow shows you the different trends of the past 50 years.

- By Desi van Dijk

The focus on eyebrows actually started 100 years ago. In the 1920s, styling brows was already a thing. Eyebrows back then were thin, black, round and then ran straight down. Brows played a big role when it came to showing emotion in movie stars. This brow had almost no hair left and was mostly drawn. This trend continued for decades (think of the Marilyn Monroe brow), but fortunately after this it became more popular to grow the brow back slightly.

Eyebrows In The 1980s

Waxing, tweezing or shaping were unknown in the 1980s. For the first time after decades, the brow could become the biggest and roughest version of itself. Almost everyone at that time was a fan of the all natural brow. Everything had to stand out in the 80s, so too did eyebrows. The fuller and bigger, the better.

Mrs.Highbrow Wenkbrauw Trends

Brooke Shields, @pinterest

The Super Thin Brow From The Nineties

After bussy brows were very trendy in the 1980s, the skinny brow actually became popular again in the 1990s. The thin brow from this era was seen as chic and graceful. The brows were formed into a minimal arch with a simple round curve.

Mrs.Highbrow Wenkbrauw Trends

Mariah Carey, @pinterest

Trends from the nineties are trendy again just now. For example, the crop top and scrunchie have already made a comeback. And Bella Hadid is increasingly showing up with thin brows as well. She has a thin brow that subtly runs upwards, giving the face an optical elevator.

But beware! Don't go too fast with this super thin brow trend. Because brow hairs don't grow back that fast - IF they grow back at all. Fortunately, these days there are many ways to get a somewhat thin brow shape without immediately tweezing or waxing many hairs.

The Eyebrow of 2000

The trend around the thin brow continued for a while. The brow became even more precise and drawn than in the nineties. With the influence of hip-hop, the even thinner and sleek brow became a trend. With the ultra-thin brow, it gives the face a strong and sleek look.

Mrs.Highbrow Wenkbrauw Trends

Madonna, @pinterest

Does your client also want this super sleek brow? You can easily create it with the Mrs.Highbrow Micro Liner. The micro liner has a thin tip that allows you to fill in or draw a brow with precision.

In the second half of the zero's, we said goodbye to this super tight pencil thin brow look and let the brows grow spontaneously again.

Trends Around The Brow In 2010

Because it was a trend for brows to contain more hair again, many different looks were popular. Thus, during these years, it is not really possible to name one trend that really stood out. Because almost every year different types of brows were in fashion.

For example, we saw that full and tight brows became a trend. The brows were super sleek and they had a consistent width. This created an on-point and fleeky look.

Mrs.Highbrow Wenkbrauw Trends

Kim Kardashian, @pinterest

The brow à la Cara Delevingne also became a trend. A thickly studded and dark brow that exudes power. In this you can again see the style from the eighties where a bushy, dark brow was in. Perhaps Cara Delevingne is the founder of dyeing brows. Thank you, Cara!

The Brow Of Now

While we may have thought we've seen just about every trend come along, we're wrong! The past 2-3 years prove us wrong again. The world around the eyebrow never sits still. Both old and new styles pass by. And also new techniques have developed last year.

How about Brow Lamination and Henna Brows? To start with Brow Lamination. Perhaps the last really big trend that creates a perfect brushed-up brow in no time. Decades ago, they probably couldn't have thought of this. But nowadays, everyone knows about the laminated brow. Want to offer this treatment in your salon, too? Then take our online Brow Lamination course!

And then Henna Brows. Also this treatment is a must nowadays. With henna brows you create that power look and give your client the confidence he or she deserves. Want to refresh your knowledge or offer this treatment in your salon? Then follow our online course Henna Brows.

Mrs.Highbrow Wenkbrauw Trends