• Dec 07, 2021

Boost Your Sales With Brow Makeup

2021 is coming to a close and the busiest period of the year is right around the corner. Wondering how can you give your sales an extra boost around the holidays? Try offering not only treatments, but also matching products!

We all know that having a salon is hard work, and unless you offer permanent makeup or revolutionary skin enhancing treatments, margins are often not that high. How nice would it be to increase your daily turnover through additional customer sales by a not only buying treatments from you, but also a product? Of course, products must fit with the treatments you offer; jewelry or other accessories will often not do well in a beauty salon. Customers come for a certain treatment, and generally they are only interested in products that extend the effect of the treatment, or protect it (think of an SPF cream after a laser treatment). For example, a beautician sells skin care for home use, a hairdresser sells shampoos, and if you focus on eyebrows, it goes without saying that you offer eyebrow makeup.

A Touch-Up for Every Customer

Customers are primarily buying a look. You can have a beautiful display in your salon, but if you don't show them what great looks you can create with the makeup, you won't sell much. So apply a pencil or pomade after your treatment, or just some eyebrows if a client prefers a natural look, to convince them of the wonderful products you sell. If you also explain how to apply the products, they will be even more convinced that they need the beautiful makeup in their own routine.

Born In The Salon

Mrs.Highbrow makeup was really born in our salon. What was the need? What did our stylists prefer to work with? We listened to that. We chose a few very good products and a maximum of three colours per product from Blonde or Taupe to Dark Brown; these are colours that suit everyone.

Become a retailer?

On our website we offer our makeup at consumer prices. Do you want to become a retailer of Mrs.Highbrow makeup and have the chance to place larger orders with an attractive discount? We offer different starter packages. Interested? Send an email to sales@mrshighbrow.com, mention your website and ask for the conditions!

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