Powerstain Liquid Dye

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Color - Cool Mist

Discover the groundbreaking Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain! Beautifully colored hairs in just 10 minutes that last for up to 6 weeks, and a bold tattoo effect for up to 7 days. Perfection in an instant!

  • Liquid eyebrow dye
  • Colored hairs for up to 6 weeks
  • Tattoo effect for up to 7 days
  • For Hybrid & Airbrush Brows
  • Mix with Mrs.Highbrow Developer or Airbrush Activator.


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Sie schreiben verschiedene Produkte und schreiben Ihre eigenen Pinguine, aber es sind Schuldscheine. Ich war bis zum Ende mit dem Zelt unterwegs. Es kostet 60 Euro (für die Tönung, den Entferner und die Entwicklung der verschiedenen Produkte) für ein Produkt, das etwa 4 Euro hält. Der Entferner ist ätzend und zudem gesundheitsschädlich, daher ist die Verwendung sinnlos.
Du wohnst erst im 1. étoile bei mir. Es gibt einen großen Unterschied zwischen den Schuldscheinen und der Realität. Mauvais-Produkt, ich entscheide mich, es hat nichts mit dem Preis zu tun.

Katarzyna Juzwin

Kräftiger Druck, kurze Einwirkzeit auf der Haut, schöne Farbenpracht
sehr empfehlenswert

Weronika Witkowska
Sehr gutes Produkt

Einfach zu verwenden, nicht zu dick wie bei einigen anderen Marken. Bleibt gut auf Haut und Haar

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With Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain, you can create the perfect brows in an instant. This high-intensity hybrid dye adheres to the skin unlike any other eyebrow dye, making it perfect for clients who love long-lasting power brows. Available in four deep brown shades.

Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain is a liquid dye that you mix with the special Mrs.Highbrow Developer to form a smooth paste. The application of Power Stain Hybrid Dye is very easy, and it only needs to sit for 5-10 minutes for an intense result. This allows you to treat many more clients in one day. You can charge as much for PowerStain brows as for Henna Brows, making this dye very cost-effective. The cost price for a treatment is only €0.35!

Perfect For Airbrush Brows Too

Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain is also the perfect dye for Airbrush Brows due to its liquid consistency. For this purpose, mix PowerStain with Airbrush Activator at a ratio of 2 drops of PowerStain to 1 drop of Airbrush Activator.

Six PowerStain Shades

Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain is available in six beautiful shades:

Cool Mist: Subtle Ash Blonde

PowerStain Cool Mist is the lightest shade we have. It is an ash blonde, specifically for clients with light eyebrows and skin. The color leaves a light imprint on the skin. Since the color is so subtle, Cool Mist is not very suitable for Airbrush Brows.

Desert Sand: Vibrant Light Brown

PowerStain Desert Sand is a beautiful light brown shade, specifically for blonde clients and/or women with very light skin who do not want dark brows.

Ginger Snap: Intense Reddish-Brown

Ginger Snap is a beautiful reddish-brown shade, perfect for anyone looking for warm brown brows. However, you may mix this color with Muddy Mocha or Coffee Bean to keep it warm but not too red.

Muddy Mocha: Natural Medium Brown

PowerStain Muddy Mocha is a beautiful natural brown shade, not too warm, but certainly not too cool.

Coffee Bean: Intense Dark Brown

PowerStain Coffee Bean is a dark brown shade, for females and males with dark to black hair and (lightly) tinted skin.

Velvet Noir: Almost Black

Velvet Noir is an almost black shade, specifically for dark skin. It doesn't make brow hairs that are already black any darker, but it does leave a clear imprint on the skin.

Step By Step PowerStain Hybrid Brows

1. Are you treating a client with PowerStain for the first time? Then perform an allergy test at least 48 hours in advance, just like with Henna Brows. Does no skin reaction follow within 48? Then you can use the dye without any problems.

2. To ensure optimal adhesion of the PowerStain, it is essential to thoroughly clean and grease the brows with Skin Prep Lotion, for example. Clean skin is the foundation for beautiful results. Next, make sure the skin is completely dry.

PRO-TIP: ask your client to exfoliate the eyebrows at home prior to the appointment. Smooth skin means the PowerStain Brows will adhere better and stay beautiful longer.

3. Style the brows into a perfect shape, using wax or thread.

4. Mix 2 drops of PowerStain with 1 drop of Mrs.Highbrow Developer. Mix well.

5. If you need some extra help in creating the tightest lines, we recommend using Brow Mapping Thread or Contour Paste first. It will undoubtedly help you place each line perfectly.

6. Gradually apply the PowerStain Hybrid Dye and create sharp lines. Make sure all hair and the skin underneath is covered. Should you accidentally slip a little, don't worry! You can easily remove any irregularities with Mrs.Highbrow Tint Remover.

7. Leave the PowerStain on for about 10 minutes. Want to create a beautiful ombre effect? Then remove the first part of the eyebrows after just 2-3 minutes. This ensures a smooth transition of the colors.

8. After another 7-10 minutes, simply remove the liquid dye from the brows with a damp cotton ball. Our formula does not harden, making removal a breeze.

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