HEALTH • Jun 21, 2024

Are You An Entrepreneur? 10 Tips To Avoid Stress

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As an entrepreneur, do you sometimes get overwhelmed by stress? Acquiring and retaining clients, keeping your finances in order and dealing with crowds can cause quite a bit of stress. But with the right mindset and dedicated self-care, there's little you can't accomplish. Here's why: 10 valuable tips to reduce stress and make your business shine.

Text: Lisa Ploeger

1. Outsource Tasks

You may have the idea that you have to do everything yourself. But nothing could be further from the truth. As an entrepreneur, it is actually important to outsource tasks that you are not so good at yourself, or that you really don't have time for. This can save you a lot of stress.

A good example is your bookkeeping. Nobody really likes it (except an accountant), but there's no escaping it. Outsource it to an accountant who keeps track of all the numbers.

And why should you spend hours each week cleaning the salon? Rather spend that time giving great treatments, and hire a cleaner. In the end, the treatment minus the cleaning costs yields more than if you were to spend that time vacuuming and dusting yourself.

2. Set Priorities

As an entrepreneur, you probably have an endless to-do list. This can leave you quite overwhelmed, as all the tasks scream for attention. By really taking a critical look at what really needs to be done today and what can wait, you can work calmly and effectively. Prioritizing will ensure that at the end of the day you will have worked more productively and had less stress because you were able to give the important tasks your full 100%.

3. Create An Organized Workplace

A neat workplace can do wonders in reducing stress. If your workplace is orderly, you will feel ordered yourself. Make sure everything has a fixed place, put products in convenient displays and always take a moment at the end of the day to tidy up your workspace. This way you will start the next day with a fresh start. You will also notice that you can concentrate better on your tasks and experience less stress. So a small but important tip!

4. Dare To Say No

Getting lots of bookings is obviously great as an entrepreneur. This means your business is doing well and many people want to use your expertise. However, there is also a downside. Namely, you cannot split yourself into fives.

  • Being able to say "No" is a powerful skill that can reduce stress. By setting boundaries and only saying "yes" to reservations you can actually handle, you protect your time and energy.

  • Also, make sure you stick to your business ' opening hours. As a business owner, it is tempting to continue working on weekends and evenings as well, but by setting these kinds of boundaries for yourself, you will find that stress is much more preventable.

  • Finally, don't be afraid that you won't keep a client because you say "no. The reason you can say "no" to new clients is that you already have enough of them, right?

5. Start The Day At Peace

Just checking all the apps and socials. This is something that often runs through our heads when we just wake up. But did you know that you start your day much calmer without these distractions? And that it also helps you get through the day more relaxed? Say goodbye to stress!

Take time for a nice cup of coffee or tea, meditate for a while or read a few pages in your book. Try to really take these moments for yourself. After all, with all these new social media channels, the temptation for distractions is growing.

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6. Exercise Sufficiently

When you feel good about yourself physically, you often feel a lot stronger mentally as well. Therefore, make sure you exercise regularly. Consider yoga, go for a run or simply spend a few hours a week at the gym. Any form of exercise helps to reduce stress and release endorphins. Thus, you not only feel stronger, but also finer after exercising.

7. Take Sufficient Breaks

Hear me out: you're busy, get requests from left and right, and can work for up to ten hours straight. Healthy? No way!

To keep your head up for all your to-do's, it's important to take regular breaks from work. This may sound contradictory, but regular short breaks increase your productivity and lower the level of stress in your body. Get up from your workstation every hour for a short walk, stretch or do some deep breathing exercises. These moments of relaxation will help you stay mentally sharp and can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

8. Ensure A Good Work-Private Balance.

Setting boundaries between your work and personal life is also important for reducing stress. Really take a break from work at the end of your workday. Also consider work-related communication via social media and your phone.

It is important to give yourself permission to relax in the evenings and on weekends. Spend lots of time with your family or friends. That way you recharge for the next day or work week.

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9. Take A Vacation

Your battery can run down, too. For this, take a break from your daily routine and book that nice vacation! Whether it's a month's travel through Asia or a weekend trip to Antwerp, you'll get away from the grind.

Still finding it a little too exciting to let go of work completely? Then go on a workation! Work a few hours a day and relax a lot.

10. Talk About Your Stress With Fellow Entrepreneurs

Sometimes it can be quite hard to feel bottled up in your own feelings. Especially as a sole proprietor, it can be difficult to share your experiences with others. After all, you work alone, so that stress would probably be up to you, right? Nope!

It can be very helpful to talk about your stress with fellow entrepreneurs. You are not alone in your experiences and other entrepreneurs can offer valuable insights and support. It will shake you out of your own tunnel vision for a while and may reveal solutions you hadn't even thought of yourself.