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Online courses

After you order the course, you will receive an email within 2 business days to confirm your registration in our online learning environment. You can start at any time and have unlimited access to the course. After you complete the course, you can request a digital certificate in the online learning environment via the chat function.

It is not required to have taken a course at Mrs.Highbrow before you can order our henna, hybrid dye, brow lamination or lash elevator kit. However, our products are meant for the professional, so it is important that you already have experience with these treatments. If not, we recommend training first. At Mrs.Highbrow, we only have online courses.

Our courses are not government-recognized courses. They are designed purely to introduce you to our products, or to brush up on your knowledge.

Yes! After completing the online course, you can request your digital certificate via the chat function in the online learning environment. Our colleagues will send your certificate by email within 1 to 2 business days.

This virtual learning experience is purely for learning about Mrs.Highbrow's products and techniques. At the end of each course is a quiz to test if the theory is clear to you. But you do not have to complete this course as it is not a government-accredited course.

Brow Henna

Henna not only colors the brow hairs like normal brow paint, but also the skin. This ensures that our brow henna is visible for 5 to 6 weeks on the hairs and up to 14 days on the skin. How long exactly? That varies from person to person. The oilier the skin, the less well the henna adheres. But lifestyle is also an influence. For example, the color fades earlier if you exercise a lot, shower or use cleansing products.

That's a resounding yes. At Mrs.Highbrow we develop products endlessly until our own browfessors are convinced of the quality. Then these products are tested and comprehensive and official safety reports are prepared to EU standards. So our henna is EU certified and can be used safely. However, there is a chance that clients may be allergic to henna dye. Therefore, it is important to take an allergy test first. How to do that, you can read here.

No. It has not been proven that henna is harmful to the baby, but as with regular hair dye, it is not recommended during pregnancy. This is because under the influence of hormones, the skin can react more sensitively and cause an allergic reaction. During pregnancy, such a reaction is particularly unpleasant.

Because you don't want to be responsible for any allergies in your clients, do an allergy test beforehand. When a client wants henna brows for the first time, it is essential to perform a patch test (or also called an allergy test). This is because one of the added ingredients to henna is p-phenylenediamine (ppd). Although a very low amount, it can still cause unpleasant skin symptoms. For the test, always use one of the darker shades (Dyotics Ash Brown or Raven). Even if you plan to dye your eyebrows with a light shade. How to do a patch test can be read here.

Pure henna is green. If you start dyeing too early, you may indeed see a somewhat green glow. Mix Dyotics with warm to hot water and wait 5-10 minutes before you start dyeing. To ensure that the porridge is well developed and has a nice brown color. Do the eyebrows still have a yellow-green glow afterwards? Know that that will have completely gone away by the time the client gets home. Also, you may have rather white light in your salon, making it look greener than it really is.

There may well be some white globules in your jar of Dyotics Brow Henna. This is gum to ensure that the henna binds with the water. For better binding, mix the powder with hot water and let the porridge stand for 5-10 minutes. Are the balls still not dissolved after these measures? You can crush them with a microbrush. By the way, the globules do not affect the result.

Unopened jars of Dyotics last about two years. After a jar is opened, you can use it for another 8 months. After that time, it loses its effect.

Under the influence of oxygen, the powder darkens. So once the jar is opened, it will oxidize. This has no further influence on the result; this will not become darker than with a jar of Dyotics that you have just opened. However, the henna does lose its effect at some point.

Brow Tinting

Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye is a brow dye, but gives a henna and/or tattoo effect. But what exactly is the difference from Brow Henna?

  • The effect. Hybrid Dye generally lasts 7 days on the skin and Brow Henna slightly longer.
  • The texture. Brow Henna is a powder that you mix with water or Treatment Enhancer. Hybrid Dye, unlike brow henna, has a gel structure and is mixed with Developer.
  • The colors. Hybrid Dye is generally perceived as slightly warmer, Brow Henna slightly cooler.

Lash Elevation

If you are new to lash lifting, it is important to take a course first. At Mrs.Highbrow, we offer online courses. Are you already working with another brand? Then a course is not necessarily necessary, although in that case we do recommend the online course Lash Elevation so you are completely up-to-date again.

The Mrs.Highbrow Lash Elevation Lift Kit is good for approximately 15 treatments.

Does no cream come out of the pump of Lash Lift? Or does it seem to empty very quickly? Annoying, but no worries! Open the pump on the side - there on the rim at 2/3 of the bottle. This way you can very easily take off the top, get some cream out of the bottle and then put the cap back on.

Brow Lamination

After a Mrs.Highbrow Brow Lift, it is better to wait three days before applying Dyotics Brow Henna. If you do both during one treatment, then the eyebrows will suffer too much. But actually, we recommend dyeing the brows with the lightest color of Hybrid Dye during Brow Lamination. Because you actually want the texture of the hairs to remain visible. With Brow Henna you also dye the skin, making the result rather massive. Something you do not want if you go for Brow Lamination.


Mrs.Highbrow has 2 types of wax in its range. The Sparkling Blue Wax and the Azulene Wax. The Film Wax Sparkling Blue is the most common wax that is good for the face and entire body. The Film Wax Azulene requires more experience. Because this wax cures so quickly, a miss is not easily correctable. In addition, the wax is more fluid than the Sparkling Blue Wax, so caution is required. So feel confident enough to start working with this.

For a layer of about 2 inches of wax beads, we recommend a temperature of 90 and 100°C. But the fuller the pot, the higher you should set the temperature.

You check Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax in the following way. Dip a spatula into the wax, take it out and turn the spatula half a turn. If the wax drips off the spatula, it is too hot. The wax should also definitely not be too viscous; then it is too cool. Not sure? Test the wax on your wrist before use.