Discover the latest sensation in the eyebrow world: Airbrush Brows! This treatment gives a stunning effect that stays on the skin for up to 10 days; the hairs remain colored for 6-7 weeks.

Want to give your clients perfectly shaped eyebrows? Then Airbrush Brows is the right technique for you. This new method allows you to apply the desired color layer by layer, giving you complete control over the intensity. Whether your clients want a natural or dramatic look, with Airbrush Brows you can meet all their needs. Plus, you can create a beautiful ombre effect with this technique.

Airbrush Brows With Mrs.Highbrow

Mrs.Highbrow, a pioneer in the brow industry, has embraced this new trend. They have developed an airbrush device, as well as a special Airbrush Brows Activator and an online Airbrush Brows course. Everything will launch in mid-February, but you can register now with a discount.

Airbrush Brows With PowerStain

To color brows with the airbrush technique, you need a liquid dye. Mrs.Highbrow's PowerStain is great for this because it is a liquid substance. PowerStain is available in 4 beautiful colors that you can use as is, but you can also mix them. If you want a cooler and more intense color, you can add a drop of Velvet Noir. With Desert Sand you can tone down the other colors slightly.

Liquid Developer For Airbrush Brows

To airbrush with PowerStain, you need to mix the paint with a liquid oxidant. Were you to mix the paint with a creamy developer, your substance would be too thick to airbrush with. That is why Mrs.Highbrow has developed a special Airbrush Activator to mix the PowerStain with. This way you can be sure that your dye has the right thickness (of milk).

High Quality Airbrush Device

To airbrush eyebrows, you need an airbrush device, which is also used for airbrush makeup. It is important to choose a high-quality device so that you can apply Airbrush Brows with proper pressure. Mrs.Highbrow will have a specially designed device available for Airbrush Brows starting mid-February.

Online Course Airbrush Brows

To fully master the technique of Airbrush Brows, Mrs.Highbrow is launching an online course in mid-February. This course is designed to guide you step by step and reveal the secrets of perfect Airbrush Brows. You can take the course simply from the comfort of your own home or salon, with the expertise of Andrea Weggen, an authority on Airbrush Brows. You will learn what techniques to use and how to perfect the shape and color of brows, so you can surprise your clients with stunning results.