Airbrush Gun

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High quality Airbrush device, the perfect tool for Airbrush Brows! Specially designed for Mrs.Highbrow. Includes charging cable and cleaning brushes.

  • Premium Quality
  • 2 positions
  • Lightweight
  • Nozzle 0.3 mm
  • Cordless use

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Directions For Use:

  1. Charge the airbrush for at least 2 hours. Assemble the airbrush, cup and air compressor correctly (as shown in the manual).
  2. Drop 6 drops of PowerStain with 6 drops of Airbrush Activator into the cup of the machine; the ratio is 1:1. Keep the lid off.
  3. Turn the machine on with the button on the bottom. Press 1x for position 1, press 2x for position 2.
  4. Hold a cotton ball against the nozzle, press the trigger; the machine will now turn on.
  5. Slowly pull the trigger back.
  6. The dye will now bubble. After about 10 seconds, the dye is well mixed.
  7. Press the trigger, pull it back slowly to start spraying.
  8. Spray first on a cotton ball to see if the dye is right in thickness and color.
  9. After each treatment, clean the airbrush machine, using a cleaning pot or bubbling technique.

Liquid Dye Only

The airbrush can only be used with liquid dye and developer, such as Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain and Airbrush Activator. If you use less liquid dye, your device will clog up, and eventually break down.

How To Clean The Airbrush Machine

After each treatment you rinse the airbrush gun thoroughly. This can be done using a special cleaning pot, or by using the bubbling technique.

  1. Unscrew the metal cup from the airbrush, and clean it under the faucet.
  2. Screw the largest size plastic cup on the machine.
  3. Fill the cup with water, turn on the machine.
  4. Hold a cotton ball against the nozzle, squeeze the trigger and slowly pull it back.
  5. Let the water bubble, until it runs clear.
  6. Empty the cup, and repeat two more times.
  7. Then remove the cotton ball from the nozzle and squirt water into a bowl or sink.
  8. Remove the cup, and screw the metal cup back on.
  9. Spray until no more water comes out.

Cleaning & Warranty

It is essential to thoroughly clean the Airbrush Brow Machine after each treatment. In this kit, you will find different brushes to clean the machine.

This product comes with a 6-month warranty period. The warranty covers manufacturing defects or if the machine stops turning on or starting up.

Please note that there is no warranty on problems with the general operation of the device. This is because these are caused as a result of improper cleaning, incorrect assembly or use of the wrong products.

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