Treatment Enhancer

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A must-have when it comes to Henna Brows! Mix Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer with brow henna for better adhesion of henna to the skin and longer lasting results. It can also boost the effect of Brow Lamination and Lash Lift.

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Marissa de Boer

Really makes the color more intense en make it last on the skin much longer.

Florence Baan

Super fijn in gebruik. Zoals alle producten van Mrs. Highbrow <3

Boost For Henna Brows

Get the benefits of Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer: more intense color and a longer lasting stain on the skin. An absolute must-have product for every brow stylist who wants clients to enjoy their beautiful henna brows for as long as possible. Mix the henna powder with a few drops of Treatment Enhancer and your brow magic does the rest!

Treatment Enhancer: Ultimate Cleanser

But there's more! Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer is also the perfect cleanser before you perform a Brow Lamination or Lash Lift. It is a blend of natural ingredients that provide thorough cleansing and care for the hair. This applies to both brow hairs and lashes.

While a normal makeup remover often seems to be sufficient, Treatment Enhancer takes all the small fats and residue with it. Yes, even leftover makeup remover, and that's very important before you perform a treatment. This allows the active ingredients in Brow Henna, Brow Lamination or Lash Lift products to do their job even better.

Treatment Enhancer & Henna Brows

Using Treatment Enhancer instead of water - 8 to 10 drops per scoop of henna - further enhances the effect of brow henna. This ultimate cleanser can be also be used to clean the eyebrows after using Skin Prep Lotion so henna will adhere better and last even longer. And that's exactly what you want: longer results for your clients.

Treatment Enhancer & Brow Lamination

By using Treatment Enhancer before a Brow Lamination treatment, the active ingredients in the Lifting Cream and Fixing Cream can do their work better. Is a client wearing makeup? First cleanse the eyebrows with a cleanser like Skin Prep Lotion and finish with some drops of Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer on a cotton pad and clean the brows, making sure to dry the brows well.

Treatment Enhancer & Lash Lift

Use the Treatment Enhancer for a lash elevation and you'll see that the curl is maintained even longer. If you also dye your lashes, the product will make the color even more intense and give you an even more beautiful result. How is it best used? First, cleanse the lashes with an eye makeup remover - if there is any makeup on the eyes. Then put some drops of Treatment Enhancer on a cotton ball and apply it to the lashes.

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