Great Colors For Your Demanding Clients.

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      2 products

      Hybrid brows is the latest trend in the eyebrow field. The effect of dye that colors not only the eyebrows but also the skin underneath, from seven to as long as ten days. For super sleek brows.

      Eyebrow Dye With Tattoo Effect

      Hybrid dye is also called the eyebrow tint with henna effect. That's because it not only colors the hairs, but also leaves an imprint on the skin. In other words, hybrid dye gives a tattoo effect.

      Hybrid Eyebrow Dye Bronsun

      Bronsun is one of those popular hybrid dyes that not only colors the hair but also the skin. The paint lasts up to 7 days on the skin and 7 weeks on the eyebrow hairs. So clients can enjoy your beautiful brow creations for an extra long time.

      Henna Effect In A Tube

      Bronsun eyebrow dye not only has numerous advantages for the client but also for you as a brow stylist. Bronsun dye namely has a gel texture and comes in a tube. This makes the paint super easy to mix and apply to the eyebrows. By the way, you mix Bronsun paint with special Bronsun developer. Please note that if you mix Bronsun with another brand of peroxide, the product will not work. The mixing ratio is 1:1. So for each tube of Bronsun you need 1 bottle of developer.

      6 Beautiful Colors Of Bronsun

      Bronsun hybrid dye comes in six beautiful shades, from light brown to almost black, suitable for any eyebrow. The shades are ready to use, but you can also easily mix all colors Bronsun with each other to the desired shade. For example, to make a color cooler, or darker.

      Rules For Longer Results

      To guarantee your client's hybrid brows for as long as possible, she will need to take good care of her brows. These are the don'ts for the first 24 hours after treatment with Bronsun eyebrow dye. Basically exactly the same rules as after a henna brows treatment.

      1. Do not wet the face or the eyebrows! Keep the eyebrows dry for at least 24 hours; if you are going to shower, keep your face and head completely dry.

      2. Don't sweat! If possible, avoid intense exercise or a visit to the sauna, as sweating can have a negative effect.

      3. Do not use makeup remover or facial cleanser. In general, use as few cleansing products on the eyebrows as possible, as long as there is still color on the skin.

      4. Do not go in full sun or under a tanning bed for the first 24 hours after treatment.

      5. Don't forget SPF! If it is sunny, apply a high factor SPF to the eyebrows as long as there is still color on the skin, because not only does the color fade faster with sunlight, the sun also causes allergies!

      6. Don't repeat the treatment too soon. Always leave at least 5 weeks between treatments to prevent the development of an allergy.