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(Online) Courses

After you have ordered the course, you will receive an email within 2 working days to confirm your registration in our online learning environment. There will be a test at the end of each chapter. After passing completing the course you receive a certificate.

You don't have to take a course with Mrs.Highbrow before you can order our henna. However, our henna products are intended for the professional, so it is important that you already have experience painting eyebrows with regular paint or any other brand of brow henna.

Our courses are not a government accredited course. Every country has different laws and regulations regarding the beauty industry. You will need to check this with your local board to establish the required criteria to perform these beauty services. (E.g. The United States requires you to be a licensed esthetician to perform any beauty related services, however The Netherlands does not require this).

Yes, after each online course you will receive a signed certificate. This will be sent separately from the starter pack. It may not be delivered at the same time.

This virtual learning experience is purely to educate and pass on Mrs.Highbrow's knowledge to aspiring artists. At the end of every course there is quiz to test if the theory is clear to you. But you do not need to complete it as it is not a government accredited course.


Henna not only colors the eyebrow hairs like normal eyebrow dye, but also the skin. This ensures that our brow henna is visible on the hairs for 5 to 6 weeks and up to 14 days on the skin. How long exactly? That varies per person. The greasier the skin, the less well the henna adheres. But lifestyle also has an influence. For example, the colour fades sooner if you use a lot of sports, showers or cleansing products.

That's a resounding yes. At Mrs.Highbrow we develop products endlessly, until our own browbessors are convinced of the quality. These products are then tested and extensive and official safety reports are drawn up to EU standards. Our henna is therefore EU certified and can be used safely. However, there is a chance that customers are allergic to henna paint. That is why it is important to take an allergy test first.

No. It has not been proven that henna is harmful to the baby, but as with regular hair dye, it is not recommended during pregnancy. Under the influence of hormones, the skin can react more sensitively and cause an allergic reaction. Such a reaction is particularly annoying during pregnancy.

Because you don't want to be responsible for any allergies among your customers. When a client wants to browse henna for the first time, it is essential to perform a patch test (or also an allergy test). One of the added ingredients to henna is p-phenylenediamine (ppd). Although it is a very low amount, it can still cause annoying skin complaints. For the test you always use one of the dark shades (Dyotics Ash Brown or Raven). Also if you plan to dye the eyebrows with a light shade.

Pure henna is green. If you start painting too early, you can indeed see a somewhat green glow. Mix Dyotics with warm to hot water and wait 5-10 minutes before you start dyeing. Make sure the porridge is well developed and has a nice brown colour. Don't the eyebrows have a yellow-green glow afterwards? Know that by the time the customer is home, they will be completely gone. It is also possible that you have quite some white light in your salon, which makes it look greener than it really is.

There may be some white balls in your jar of Dyotics Brow Henna. This is gum, to make the henna bind with the water. For a better binding, mix the powder with hot water and leave the paste for 5-10 minutes. Are the balls still not dissolved after these steps? With a microbrush you can crush them. By the way, the balls do not affect the result.

Unopened jars of Dyotics remain good for about two years. After a jar has been opened, you can use it for another 8 months. After that time it loses its effect.

Under the influence of oxygen, the powder darkens. This has no further influence on the result; it will not get darker than with a jar of Dyotics you just opened. However, the henna will lose its effect at some point.

Brow Tinting

Mrs.Highbrow Professional offers three types of eyebrow dye. And every dye has another application and effect. When do you choose for Dyotics, Bronsun or LashFX? Let us explain! 

Natural Look: LashFX

Does a customer want a natural look? In other words, does she think her eyebrows are too light and does she want them a shade darker? Then choose for LashFX, because it only dyes the hairs and will not last on the skin. We also recommend regular dye in combination with Brow Lamination, because you will get a more beautiful result if you avoid coloring the skin.

How long does it last?
5-6 weeks on hairs.

How does it work?
Mix approx. 1 cm of dye with 4-5 drops of LashFX developer. Mix into a smooth paste. Apply with an angled brush or with a spoolie. If you use a brush, the dye will also colors the skin. This lasts until your clients next shower session. With a spoolie you can just color the hairs, if your customer wants that natural effect right away.

Application time
5-10 minutes; 15 minutes for a more intens result.  
Shop here LashFX.

Longlasting Henna Brows: Dyotics

For an intense look with tattoo effect, you choose for Dyotics Brow Henna. You can pick one of the six beautiful shades, so you can make the right choice for every customer. 

How long does it last
5-14 days on the skin; 5-6 weeks on hairs.

How does it work?
Mix 1 scoop of henna powder with approx. 12 drops of warm to hot water. Use the pipette you'll find in the package. Mix well and let it stand for another 5 minutes, until the henna is developed into a beautiful brown tone. You apply Dyotics Brow Henna with an angled brush or henna brush. Don'f forget the area underneath the hairs; all skin must be covered.

Application time
15-20 minutes. Remove the onset after 5-7 minutes.
Shop here Dyotics Brow Henna.

Henna Effect In A Tube: Bronsun

Does your customer want the tattoo effect for a maximum of 7 days? Bronsun is the first eyebrow gel/cream with henna effect. Just as beautiful as henna eyebrows, but easier to prepare with the corresponding developer and easier to apply. Note: you always need to perform an allergy test when a customer gets Bronsun brows for the first time.

How long does it last?
Up to 7 days on skin, and 7 weeks on hairs.  

How does it work?
Mix 0.5 cm of Bronsun dye with the same amount of Bronsun developer. Note: it only works with Bronsun developer; you cannot combine the dye with any other brand. Apply with an angled brush or a henna brush. Also dye underneath the hairs. All skin must be covered. As with brow henna, you can choose to outline the brows first with Mapping Thread or Brow Paste.

Application time
Approx. 15 minutes. Remove the onset after 5 minutes. 
Shop here Bronsun brow dye. 

Lash Elevation

If you have no experience with lash lifting, it is important to follow a course first. This can be done online as well as on location. Are you already working with another brand? Then a course is not necessarily necessary, although we do recommend the online course Lash Elevation, for only €50 extra. So you'll be up to date again.

The Mrs.Highbrow Lash Elevation Lift Kit is good for about 15 treatments.

Doesn't cream come out of the Lash Lift pump? Or does it seem to be empty very quickly? Annoying, but no worries! Open the pump on the side - there on the rim on 2/3 of the vial. You can easily remove the top, take some cream from the bottle, and then put the cap back on.

Brow Lamination

After a Mrs.Highbrow Brow Lift it is better to wait three days before applying Dyotics Brow Henna. If you do both during one treatment, the eyebrows will get too much to endure. But actually we recommend to paint the eyebrows with regular paint during Brow Lamination. Because you want to keep seeing the structure of the hairs. With Brow Henna you also paint the skin, which makes the result quite massive. Something you don't want when you go for Brow Lamination.


Mrs.Highbrow has 3 types of wax in her assortment. Wunderwax Gold, Pearls and Pink. The first two are the same, only the colour is different. The wax is super mild and especially suitable for facial hair removal. The Pink wax is also mild, but a fraction stronger. For the eyebrows and the whole face. And ideal for waxing the whole body as well.

You put the wax heater on the first indent after medium. In other words, "5 over 12". With a layer of about 1.5 centimeters wax granules takes 10 to 15 minutes before the wax is warm. The more wax you put in the jar, the longer it takes for the wax to reach the right temperature.

You check Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax the following way. Dip a spatula in the wax, take it out and turn the spatula half a turn. If the wax drips off the spatula, it is too hot. The wax should certainly not be too viscous; then it is too cool. Are you not sure? Test the wax on your wrist before use.