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Reviews: what brow bosses say about us

I have been working with dyotics for almost 2 years now, and always very satisfied with the results. Very beautiful and natural, love it! A must-have for every brow specialist.


Daniëlle Crals, Get Lash’D, Netherlands
From the first time I saw Dyotics' Instagram it captured my attention. I loved the clean look and feel. I had to try the products and they exceeded my expectations. I am proud to be distributor for Dyotics.


Lena Gabrahana, BRB Brow Artistry, USA
Dyotics is the best henna brand I have worked with so far. It is very easy to use, has beautiful shades and is perfect for both beginners and advanced users.


Anthea Vignoli, Bella Beauty Professional, Australia
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Mrs. Highbrow, nice to meet you. Founded about 10 years ago as the first real browbar in the Netherlands, in the Amsterdamse Pijp. By now we are the place to be in the field of eyebrow products and trainings.

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