TOOLS • Mar 21, 2023

Useful Tools For Your Treatments


With the right tool, everything becomes easier. Therefore, we have developed several products that help you as a beauty specialist to work more efficiently. Moreover, they deliver the most beautiful results.

- By Desi van Dijk

As a brow and lash specialist, you know that using the right tools is essential for great results. That's why we pride ourselves on our indispensable tweezers, scissors and innovative tools. These top quality tools ensure professional and easy handling, resulting in perfectly shaped brows and lashes. Read on to discover why our tools should not be missing from your salon!

Revolutionary Tool: Spring Scissors

At Mrs.Highbrow, we have jumped on one of the latest trends when it comes to tools: the Spring Scissors. The mechanism in these scissors is spring, hence the word spring, or spring. With these scissors, cutting is automatic and you no longer have to manually open and close the tool and make cutting movements.

So you just have to press the scissor to make the cutting motion. This small difference has the advantage of giving you a firmer hand, making it less tiring and giving you higher precision when cutting.

The Benefits Of The Spring Scissors:

  • Designed for precise brows cutting;

  • The tool has a special spring system that makes it easy to use;

  • The Spring Scissors is light as a feather making it easy to hold;

  • The tool is convenient to use when you need to make a lot of the same movements.

The Silicon Lamination Tool is better for the environment and your wallet.

Silicon Lamination Tool

The Silicone Lamination Tool is a durable solution for applying Brow Lamination Products and Lash Lift products. You can simply clean the Silicone Lamination Tool after each treatment, so you can use it again and again. And because it's made of silicone (so it doesn't absorb anything), all the product stays on the lashes or brows. So you're being sustainable and not wasting any product. In short, the alternative to disposable applicators, making the tool not only better for the environment but also for your wallet.

Lash Elevation Brush


You'll probably find that it's difficult to get the lashes right and tight against the lifting shield. A real precision job. The Lash Elevation Brush is the new must-have tool that helps you with this.

The brush has fine, dense bristles that help effectively separate and attach each lash to the lifting shield. At the same time, the bristles are soft so they don't damage the lashes. With this tool, you work faster and get the most beautiful results!


Eyebrow scissors

To create a super sleek brow you need a eyebrow scissors that will make your clients' brows super sharp make. Mrs.Highbrow's pretty blue scissors not only have a stunning color, but are also made in a fun bird shape. This is the tool to cut eyebrow hairs into shape.

The trend under eyebrow is still broad today, as we read earlier. But within this trend, there are still two trends: as tight as possible, both at the top and bottom. Or fluffy at the top and tight at the bottom. Discuss carefully with your client what she likes. And determine if you can achieve this. If you cut, always do this before waxing so you don't accidentally take too much hair with the waxing.

Tip: You can use a regular nail file to get your tweezers super sharp again.


Tweezer: Must Have Tool

Besides the brow scissors, tweezers are a tool that cannot be missing from your workbench. Although a waxing or threading treatment will get you pretty much all the hair you need, the tweezer is the finishing touch.

We all know that nice feeling you get when you've found the perfect tweezers. Because good tweezers last a long time. And Mrs.Highbrow's new tweezers are as sharp and precise as it gets. This allows you to get rid of superfluous eyebrow hairs and make your brows look super sleek. A real must-have tool. Available in a Slant Tweezer or a Point Tweezer.

Tip: You can use a regular nail file to file your tweezers to get the tip of the tweezer super sharp again. Clamp the tweezers around the file and go back and forth to file the tweezers sharp.