Useful Tools For Your Treatments


It's no secret that with the right tools, everything becomes easier. We've developed several products to help you work more efficiently and deliver the most beautiful results.

- By Desi van Dijk

The Newest Tool: Spring Scissors


At Mrs.Highbrow, we love jumping on the newest trends when it comes to tools and we are just a little obsessed with our latest: Spring Scissors. The name of these scissors says it all - they have a spring mechanism. When you use them, cutting is automatic and you no longer have to manually open and close the scissors and make cutting movements! 

To use them, simply press the scissors to make a cutting motion, and this small difference gives you a firmer grip, making it less tiring and giving you more precision when cutting!

Benefits Of Our New Essential Spring Scissors:

  • Designed for precision cutting on brow hairs;

  • A special spring system for easier use;

  • Lightweight & even easier to hold;

  • Convenient to use when you have to make a lot of the same movements.

The Silicone Lamination Tool is better for the environment and your wallet.

Silicone Lamination Tool


The Silicone Lamination Tool is a durable & sustainable solution for applying Brow Lamination Products and Lash Lift products. You can simply clean the Silicone Lamination Tool after each treatment to be used again and again! Because it's made of silicone (so it doesn't absorb anything), all the product stays on the lashes or brows, meaning that you're being sustainable and not wasting any product. To sum it up? It's the perfect alternative to disposable applicators, making the tool not only better for the environment but also for your wallet. Win-win. 

Lash Elevation Brush


Have you ever found that it can be difficult to get the lashes perfectly tight against the lifting shield?  This can really test our patience. Recently we launched the Lash Elevation Brush as the newest must-have tool that helps you with this.

The brush has fine, dense bristles that effectively separate and attach each lash to the lifting shield, and at the same time, the bristles are soft so they don't damage the lashes. With this tool, you'll work faster and get the most beautiful results!

Lash Tape


Do the lashes ever lift up from the shield while you're doing a Lash Lift treatment? If you've ever felt frustrated by this, Lash Tape is perfect for you! The Lash Tape is hypo-allergenic and because of this, there's no irritation on these sensitive areas. The tape adheres incredibly well to the lashes and shield, and it's painless to remove, making it indispensable for every eyelash specialist! And the tape is up to 10 meters long, so you can use it for at least 50 treatments.

How Do You Use Lash Tape?

  1. Apply the lash elevation shield the same way as you're used to, as close to the lash line as possible. Curious about our new Lash Lift Shields? Then read this article!

  2. Apply Lash Elevation Lifting Cream 1 on the lashes, followed by a strip of tape horizontally at the bottom of the lashes. After the soaking time has passed, peel off the tape and remove the cream.

  3. After applying Lash Lift Setting Cream 2, perform exactly the same actions.

  4. After step 2, you have the option of dyeing the eyelashes. After dyeing, don't use tape! During the the dyeing process it's not necessary for the eyelashes to be attached to the lash elevation shield.

Eyebrow scissors


To create the sleekest brow, you'll need eyebrow scissors. Mrs.Highbrow's pretty blue scissors not only have a stunning color, but they're also a cute bird shape! Use these little cuties to cut every brow into the perfect shape. 

The trend for underneath the eyebrow is still broad, but within this trend, there are two main takes: as sharp as possible, both at the top and bottom, or fluffy at the top and sharp at the bottom. Discuss carefully with your client what she likes and determine if you can achieve this. If you choose to cut her brows, always do this before waxing so you don't accidentally take too much hair with the waxing!

Tweezer: Must Have Tool


Besides brow scissors, tweezers are a tool that cannot be missing from your workstation. Although with a waxing or threading treatment you pretty much take all the hair, tweezers provide the finishing touch.

We all know how good it feels when you've finally found the perfect tweezers - because good tweezers last a long time. Look no further - Mrs.Highbrow's new tweezers are as sharp and precise as it gets, allowing you to get rid of superfluous eyebrow hairs and make every brow look super sleek, making them a truly essential tool. We've created two for you: the Slant Tweezer or a Point Tweezer.

Tip: With Mrs.Highbrow's Tweezer Files you can file your tweezers to get the tip of the tweezer sharp again!

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