Our Top Waxing Tips To Make Sure You're Getting The Best Results

Have you ever wondered why - even with the best wax - sometimes you just don't remove all the hair? We've got the 6 tips you need for better and faster waxing, plus the ultimate waxing tips from brow expert Francien Vermeer.

By Desi van Dijk

#1 The Right Temperature Wax

The right temperature is crucial when it comes to waxing - whether you're waxing eyebrows, the rest of the face, or the body. You know how it goes: if the wax gets too hot, you could end up hurting your client, and if the wax isn't hot enough, it won't spread well and the hairs won't stick to the wax. 

This is why the right temperature is key - and luckily, temperature is easy to control when you use our digital wax heater. Picture this: no more waiting unnecessarily long or accidentally using the wax too quickly! The dream, right? Because you can set the temperature to the exact degree that you need, the wax will reach exactly the right temperature, and you'll always get the perfect consistency. 

For a layer of about 2 inches of Film Wax, we recommend a temperature between 80°C and 100°C, but keep in mind that the fuller the pot, the higher you should set the temperature. We recommend that you always check the wax on your wrist before applying it to your client!

Mrs.Highbrow Wax Heater

#2 Stubble Is Too Thick

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the client can't have stubble that is too thick or short. If this is the case, the hair won't be long enough for the wax to do its job and it won't be removed! 

What length is best? On average, hairs need to be at least a few millimeters long in order to be waxed properly. If your client has stubble that shorter than this, it's best to get those pesky hairs with tweezers like our own Point Tweezer. This pair has the ideal, perfectly-shaped tip for removing stubble or ingrown hairs!

The Point Tweezer - with its perfectly-shaped tip - is ideal for removing stubble or ingrown hairs.

Mrs.Highbrow Point Tweezer

Mrs.Highbrow Point Tweezer.

#3 Hairs That Lie Flat Against The Skin

We all know that waxing is more difficult when hairs lie flat against the skin - they're less likely to stick in the wax. Women of Asian descent, in particular, tend to have hairs that lie flatter on the skin.

Our tip for this? Apply talcum powder to the hairs before waxing and the hairs will become a little rougher, lifting them up a little more so they'll will be better captured by the wax. You can buy talcum powder at your local drugstore.

#4 Wax In The Right Direction

It may seem obvious to many beauty experts, but we still sometimes see people waxing in the wrong direction. Always make sure that you apply wax in the direction of hair growth and pull the wax off against the direction of hair growth!

Looking for the right wax to help you with this? Our own Film Wax Gold & Film Wax Sparkling Blue dry in tens of seconds and our Film Wax Azulene in just a matter of seconds. No matter which type you choose, once the wax hardens, you can easily pull it off in the opposite direction. Pro top: to make it as comfortable as possible for the client, pull the client's skin tight between index finger and thumb before you remove!

Mrs.Highbrow Wax Sparkling Blue

Film Wax Sparkling Blue

#5 Skin Is Too Wet

If the skin is too oily during waxing (this can be due to oil or if the skin has not been properly cleaned), the wax won't adhere to the hairs as well. Wet skin - either from cleansing products or perspiration - also don't work well. As a rule, wax just doesn't adhere to wet hair, so always make sure the skin is completely dry.

Talcum powder works well in this case, so it's a great product to keep on hand. The powder will absorb any moisture if your client is perspiring due to heat, humidity or just a little bit nervous ;) 

#6 Use Oil-Lala Before Waxing

To best prepare the skin for any waxing treatment, Oil-Lala is your best friend. Just apply a small amount of Oil-Lala to the skin you want to wax and remove any excess oil with a cotton pad or tissue.

Oil-Lala is an essential that makes the wax adhere better, ensuring optimal results. After application, the eyebrows (or other facial or body hair) are ready to be waxed!

"Make sure the skin is thoroughly dry before applying the wax. But most importantly, the wax should be the perfect temperature!"

What Does Brow Expert Francien Say?

Francien Vermeer, former Head of Training at Mrs.Highbrow and now owner of First Expression, also swears by the above points. "It is very important that the skin is thoroughly dry before you apply the wax. And most importantly, make sure the wax is the perfect temperature! If the wax is too cold it solidifies too quickly. But if it's too hot, you'll hurt the client. So always check the temperature on your own skin beforehand!"

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax: 3 Types

Mrs.Highbrow has three types of Film Wax in our range, and all three are perfect for use on eyebrows. Azulene dries a little faster than Film Gold and Sparkling Blue, making it especially good for the experienced specialist. Also, Film Wax Azuleen is a tried and true for waxing other delicate body parts such as armpits and bikini line. Are you a beginning brow stylist? Then it's best to choose Film Wax Sparkling Blue or Gold.
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Bonus Tip: The Right Size Spatula Is Key

It is important to use the right size spatula for each body part. That way you can apply the wax with precision. Whether it's the bit in between brows or over an entire lower leg, you'll find the right size spatula with us.

The smallest spatula in Mrs.Highbrow's assortment is size S. This spatula is perfect for applying the wax under the brow with precision. 

One size larger is spatula M. This spatula is often used for waxing the space between the brows. But this size spatula is also perfect for waxing the upper lip.

The largest size spatula is L. This spatula is good for waxing the rest of the face, as well as the rest of the body. Such as the legs and bikini line.