BROW HENNA • Apr 06, 2021

Henna Brows: safety first

Henna Brows safety first zwangerschap zwanger pregnancy

Whether or not someone is suitable for eyebrow henna does not only depend on hair and skin type. A checklist before you create Henna Brows for a customer. Because safety comes first!

1. Allergic to PPD

Eyebrow henna is a product based on natural Indian henna, but color pigments have been added to give the henna a beautiful shade. This substance is called PPD (P-phenylenediamine added) and is actually in all eyebrow and hair dyes. Some people are allergic to this, with dire consequences. Very irritated skin and sometimes even blisters. You should never use brow henna with customers who know they are allergic to PPD. With the other customers who want Henna Brows for the first time, it's important to first do a patch test. Apply a little bit of henna to the inside of the elbow or wrist. If there is no reaction such as redness, burning or itching within 48 hours, you can use henna safely. Please note: a patch test is not a guarantee against future allergies. Sometimes someone still becomes allergic to a certain substance. For that reason, we recommend not using henna more than once every 5-6 weeks, because a customer may then develop an allergy more quickly.

2. Corona & patch testing

Do you have to do a patch test every time before a brow henna treatment? Luckily not! Once every six months is sufficient. Unless something has changed in the health of a customer. Has someone been very ill - be it Covid or some other virus or condition - and does this person have a weakened immune system? Then you may be more susceptible to allergies. An extra patch test will not hurt. When in doubt, it is always wise to do a patch test. Better safe than sorry!

3. Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Who would not want to give childbirth with a beautiful brow look? Nevertheless, it is unwise to apply Henna Brows during pregnancy. It certainly does not harm the unborn child, but you would not want a pregnant woman to have an allergic reaction, which is more likely due to hormones and a higher sensitivity. With a henna allergy, antibiotics must always be prescribed, but you should not use this during pregnancy. For the same reason, we also advise against Henna Brows if a woman is breastfeeding.

4. Acne or wounds

Check the skin carefully before you get started. Does your client have irritated skin, cuts or acne around the eyebrows? Then Henna Brows are not recommended. Damaged skin is more susceptible to an allergic reaction.

5. Just before a sunny holiday

After a Henna Brow treatment, the sun and tanning beds must be avoided for 48 hours. Customers are therefore not allowed to be in the sun with their freshly tinted Henna Brows, they must protect them. No matter how convenient it is to have henna eyebrows during the holidays (because you do not have to worry about anything), you should not lie in the sun during the first days. After 48 hours: protect well with an SPF, although the color will fade earlier.

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