Business • Jul 04, 2023

How to Keep Your Customers in the Summer.

Hoe houd je voldoende klanten zomer mrs.highbrow

For many of us, summer vacation is just around the corner. How do you still keep your sales even though many customers are on vacation? And how do you keep them coming back after your own summer break?

- By Desi van Dijk

1. Do-It-Yourself-Tips

The last thing you want as a beauty specialist is to run the risk of customers switching to competitors during your vacation. So the key is to make sure they can do without an eyebrow specialist for a while.

How? By giving your client the right tools and instructions to take care of her eyebrows herself during your absence. So give her a mirror and teach her how to best fill in her brows with products like the Powder Brow Pencil or Micro Liner. You can present these beautifully in the Mrs.Highbrow Counter Make-Up Display.

If you make sure your client is well rested, she can go longer without you than she is used to. This not only increases her confidence, but also prevents her from switching to a competitor in your absence.

Become a retailer of Mrs. Highbrow eyebrow makeup and offer your customers the tools they need to always look groomed. Interested? Then send an email to, and include the name of your salon and Chamber of Commerce number. Then we will email you a makeup catalog and price list.

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2. Schedule Follow-up Appointments

A follow-up appointment is your guarantee that your client will come back again. But how do you close a deal without being too pushy? Once you've taken care of the customer's eyebrows or eyelashes and they're at the counter to checkout, that's your cue to take action.

Suggest scheduling a follow-up appointment. Tell the client when it would be ideal to repeat the treatment. Say you applied Henna Brows, you recommend 5 to 6 weeks for a repeat. After a shaping treatment of the eyebrows, you might suggest 4 to 6 weeks.

Advising well means exuding professionalism and also guarantees that crucial follow-up appointment. Not only does this give you a clear picture of what your schedule will look like, but it also works in the client's favor! Not surprising when you consider that dentists also always ask directly to schedule a follow-up appointment for six months from now.

3. Promote Real Summer Treatments

The Lash Lift is truly an ideal summer treatment. This affordable and low-maintenance treatment elevators and curls natural lashes, eliminating the need for mascara or eyelash extensions. Your clients can enjoy their summer vacation without worrying about their makeup. Pay attention to the benefits of the Lash Lift for summer through your communication channels, such as your newsletter and Instagram, and boost your business results!

This is also the time to launch new promotions to retain existing customers and attract new ones. How about a combo deal for Lash Lift and Brow Lamination? It offers your customers an irresistible opportunity to experience two popular treatments at the same time, which can lead to more sales.

4. An Automatic Mail

Fortunately, if you failed to schedule a follow-up appointment right away, there is another effective option: automatic emails. Use software that sends emails after a certain period of time to simplify the process of scheduling follow-up appointments.

For example, send an automatic email four weeks after the last appointment with a polite invitation to schedule another appointment. In this way, your clients are given a gentle reminder of the need for a follow-up appointment.

The email includes a direct link to your website, where clients can easily choose the desired date and time and schedule a new appointment. This approach ensures professionalism and efficiency, while strengthening your relationship with your clients and increasing the likelihood of repeat visits.

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5. Keep Learning

It all starts with providing the best service. A positive experience in your salon is the reason clients keep coming back. So it's important to give them all kinds of reasons to keep doing so.

Great brows or lashes are the minimum. The extra details, such as your hospitality, an offered cup of coffee or tea, and a welcoming atmosphere, all play an equally important role. These extras help your salon stand out among the competition.

Another important factor is setting yourself apart. Show that you are the expert in your field. Therefore, keep your knowledge up to date by taking different courses in order to deliver the great quality you would like.

Maybe you have more time to take a course. That's why we have a special offer for you! If you order all 6 colors of the new Hybrid Dye now, you get the course absolutely free - including digital certificate! It's a fantastic opportunity to increase your expertise and gain your customers' trust.

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